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Fireworks in NJ

Wow, I finally found out how to easily obtain good fireworks in New Jersey -- where they are "illegal".

Every year I always wondered how so many people got good fireworks in a state where they are not legal.  By "good", I mean real firecrackers, bottle rickets, bigger rockets, and even mortar tubes and shells.

This year I happened to stumble on the answer, and it doesn't involve driving down to South Carolina or something.

It's as easy as going to the store and picking up basically whatever you want, and it's apparently legal.  However, possession of fireworks in NJ is still illegal, so there's no way around the fact that if you get caught with them, they'll be confiscated.

I'm not going to post the solution on the Internet, because I don't want to ruin a good thing.  However, if a member from the NJ area wants to PM me, I can give the answer.  Sorry, but I'm not going to send the answer to a new member, for obvious reasons.


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