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State Lottery Report Card

I posted a message in the forums about this topic, but it's not generating much response, and I think members are making a mistake by not getting more involved.

This can and will be a very powerful tool with which to objectively and visibly "tell" the state lotteries what they are doing right and what they need to do better.

Right now, the page focuses solely on computerized vs. ball machine ("true") drawings, but will expand in the future to include many more lottery features that players want their games to have.

Some examples of rating categories will include:

  • Compliance with a list of "standard" games all lotteries should have, along with a priority rating for each (e.g., Pick 3, Pick 4, Midday versions of both, Pick 5, a classic Pick 6 game, a multi-state game)
  • cash option available on what percentage of games
  • ability to change your mind after winning as to cash option (and what length of time can you do it in)
  • features/info available on official web site
  • televised drawings?
  • etc., etc., etc.

This is something everyone should get involved with, and could be Lottery Post's most influential tool.


  • i do agree with you,i wish more people would get involved with this..........i'm gonna do everything in my power to help stop computerized drawings.

    By LOTTOMIKE, at 6:27 AM

  • I'm not seeing it on the results menu, Todd. Is it my browser, or am I looking in the wrong place?

    By Rip Snorter, at 8:03 AM

  • It's the last item in the Results menu. If you don't see it, just clear your browser cache.

    Peoples' Internet browser cache settings are often the reason that they don't see changes as soon as they occur on all web sites. In IE, you can check your cache settings by going to the Internet Options box (in the Tools menu), then click the Settings... button. I keep my setting on "Automatically", but if you're having difficulty with your PC not seeing the latest changes all the time, change it to "Every visit to the page".

    By Todd, at 8:41 AM

  • Make it more prominent by moving it up the list or change the color.

    By konane, at 6:19 PM

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