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Putting on the Brakes

I'm getting the feeling that it may be a good time to back away from this web site for a while.  The vibe I've been getting lately has been pretty negative -- a lot different than the effort I'm putting into it.

I guess that's the cycle that things tend to go in, but it's a shame nevertheless.  It doesn't make any sense to be going against the tide, and I feel like that's what the past couple of months have been.

I find myself in the position that I no longer have a sense for who is supportive of the efforts here, and what the direction of this site should be.  But I'm sure both of those things will resolve themselves in time.

Perhaps down the road I'll be able to go after new features and such with the same enthusiasm as I have in the past years.


  • Todd, I personally know about 30 members who support this site and all of us think that you are doing a most wonderful job, it is very evident that you have put the utmost effort into this hobby of yours and we do appreciate your efforts.

    'tis a shame that some of the members persist with their negative and sometimes most arrogant attitude...but that's I told Lucky a few years ago on Maybelle's doesn't really take all kinds of people...we just have all kinds of people..

    Hang in there.....You have a horde of supporters behind the scene...let's hope that more of them come forth with a few good comments and perhaps upgrade their membership at the same time, I know that it is expensive to maintain and operate a fine web site such as yours.


    By Bluegrass, at 7:36 PM

  • Todd, my friend, I know you put alot of work into this site and you are proud of things you have done. Sometimes we don't notice how good things are for a bit. Give everyone time to get used to the changes. The things you have changed in the last month are good changes. You know it and I will know it once I get used to them all. Some people have hard time with changes but with time, they couldn't be without them.

    It is hard to be a Webmaster. You just can't please everyone all of the time. Fact of life, I guess. Just keep doing what you are doing and things will be fine. That comment posted by Lee was entirely unjustified. I don't know where some people come up with this stuff.

    As Bluegrass has commented, you have a horde of supporters. I only wish they would realize the value of this site and maybe even go for the Gold membership to utilize some features but those who have the Platinum know the value of the full features. In fact, I just renewed my membership today.

    I know your job is hard and you do your best to add new things to make it easier for us to pursue our hobby. Hang in there....things do pass....something always happens to make us believe that what we are doing is right. I think rough going is God's way of letting us appreciate when the going gets smooth. And it will get smooth.

    Thank you for this wonderful site.

    By Sandy K, at 8:37 PM

  • Todd....sorry to hear you are going through the ups and downs.....It takes a lot of energy to maintain this site and I respect you greatly for putting as much effort as you have...I have seen this site from its inception and you have come a long way.....I can tell you I am one of your strongest supporters.....Thank you for everything you do...Please know that I care..........

    By chouquounette, at 8:49 PM

  • todd - i don't tell you enough how great this site is. it's like my second home. you have done wonders with it. i just wish everyone would get a premium membership.

    thank you - emily

    By emilyg, at 9:29 PM

  • The general vibe of everything lately has been flat so that may be the driving factor of what you're hearing and feeling inside.

    I personally feel this is THE BEST site on the whole internet and have it set as my home page on both IE and Firefox.

    Sometimes when you're light years ahead of everyone else as you are in everything you've done on this site ... it takes people awhile to realize all you've done, and most of all the very heart and soul put into bringing it about. I thank you profusely for all you've done.

    My hopes for you is that you soon nail Mega Millions at about the 200 million mark!!! That would be awesome!!

    Keep up the good work because there are more of us who truly appreciate what you've done than those who have no clue.

    By konane, at 9:49 PM

  • As you know Todd, I'm fairly new at this site, but I feel as if I have been a member for years because even before I registered I visited it. I became almost addicted to it, and for many months I kept saying, I am going to join next month. My husband joined before I did and he convinced me to join the beginning of this year. I guess now he wishes I hadn't. Your site is magnificent. It's the complete package for lottery players and I love it.
    Addiction maybe a strong word for it, but I see many people on this site hours upon hours, day after day who must feel the same way as you do about the site and I feel about having to return to it day and night, at home or at work. In other words, Your doing a knock out job on this site. And Sandy is right. It does take some of us longer to adjust to changes, but we will get there. Please keep doing what your doing. We do appreciate it.

    By Litebets27, at 10:21 PM

  • Todd, L.P. is they best site out around, nothing even comes close. I can tell by your posts and the way you react to peoples comments that you put your heart and soul into this site and it means much more to you than a souce of income. You can never please all the people all of the time. It's a shame, but there will always be poeple out there looking to knock you down for whatever reason. It's just part of life. Sometimes you got to say *% um. You have lots of supporters with yellow highlights in their names and I'm sure many more who may not be able to upgrade their memberships for valid reasons but support the site with their posts and positive comments. So to you I say, good job and keep up the good work. This site is #1 in my book. Thanks for your time. fast eddie

    By fast eddie, at 10:28 PM

  • Todd, my friend, you have a wonderful website here that you and everyone that visits have every right to be proud of. Your excellent efforts are greatly appreciated by everyone. Don't let the frustration of a few override the favorable opinion of the majority. You are here day and night and have taken on new challanges that most of us would shudder to attempt. Relax and take a break and we will all be here in support of your fine work.

    Thank you and good luck...LottoVantage

    By LottoVantage, at 10:52 PM

  • Todd -

    Let me say this first....your site is the BEST out there on the net. There is nothing that compares to it and from reading the comments of the members who have written to you, they all agree with me. You can't take negative comments from a few disgruntled people to discourage you by "putting on the brakes"... Your site has drawn many, many good members and the members who are sending out bad vibes shouldn't even be counted in the overall forum. There are always going to be people who find the negative in everything and they are never ever satisfied with anyone or anything!   You can never please them no matter how hard you try. It's sad to see this but you have got to ignore those negative and pessimistic comments and continue with the development of your site and feel proud of what you have accomplished and how you have made all of us appreciate what you have done....You are not going against the are the tide and we are all here and backing you 150%.

    Thanks for a great place to be Todd!


    By Lucky, at 8:32 AM

  • Todd, you have been putting a lot of time and effort into this site lately. It's OK to put the brakes on a little and sit back and chill.   As for the negative vibes exuded by a few a**holes....well I always say there are 10% of them in every group and you can't escape that. But 90% of us appreciate every piece of effort you have made into developing this site for what it is...the best lottery site on the net. Don't let these chumps get you down...the rest of us have your back covered and maybe we should jump in to defend you and your policies with a little more effort. But please don't get discouraged...that's the worst thing that could happen to all of us.
    The weather is getting nice...take your 'vette out for a little road trip and clear your thoughts.
    Plus don't forget this is YOUR website and not theirs and if you don't like their vibes, kick their whiny complaining asses out of here. You don't need it.
    Chin up, my're too good to let a few idiots ruin your day. You should be very proud of what you've accomplished.

    By Rick G, at 9:49 AM

  • First off, I have read all of your comments, and I really appreciate the very thoughtful and kind words of encouragement. Your support means a lot, and the ability to provide a good lottery web site for all of you is the main driving force behind what I do.

    I was definitely not looking for 'ata-boys' when I wrote this; it was mainly an expression of some recent frustration, and a heads-up to explain that I may be laying low for a short while.

    One thing that I think is important to get out there, because there seems to be a misconception, is that this web site is not a source of income for me. As I described in a PM to someone this morning, if I were to rely on this web site as my source of income, I would go broke within a month. In plain language, I spend more than I make to keep this site running.

    Any membership fees for Gold and Platinum memberships, as well as the limited amount that I collect in advertising fees, are very important to me, as they help to offset the tremendous cost of running this web site. The thought that I am getting rich off this site couldn't be farther from the truth. It is actually somewhat of a drain for me.

    The reason I think it's important for people to know that is to understand that money is not the motivation for running this web site. If it were, believe me when I say there are a LOT of things I could be doing to drive as much revenue as possible from the tremendous traffic and unique visitors that come here. In the industry, they call that "monetizing the traffic" - i.e., squeezing every last penny possible from traffic that goes through here.

    If I were to do that, everyone's experience here would be a lot different than it is. You would be bombarded with advertising, put onto e-mail lists, and would be constantly enticed to buy stuff. To be honest, people have asked me why I DON'T do those things, like lots of other sites do. Sometimes I wonder myself! For example, have you ever gone to lottery (dot) com? Now THAT's a web site that tries to monetize its traffic. Everywhere you go there are ads, and the little content that is there is squeezed in between so much advertising that it's difficult to find it. That is what Lottery Post could have been, but I did not want that.

    As far as the web site itself is concerned, as well as the effort that goes into it, I am in uncharted territory. Lots of the things I'm now doing and building are not on any other lottery site, so there is no template to follow. That tends to make each new feature a bit of a challenge -- and also a bit of an EXPERIMENT. In this environment, there will be things that work great, and things that aren't perfect at first and need to be adjusted.

    One of the things that is different about making these kinds of experimental changes today (as opposed to a few years ago) is that there are at least 200 people online at any given moment on this web site, each with their own opinions about it, and collectively there are 16,000+ opinions about it. And that's just the registered members.

    I certainly enjoy and thrive on all of that diversity, but when it comes to trying to introduce a new feature or concept, or when trying to enforce some of the rules that have kept this site going for 6 years now, it can be a challenge for one person to handle. And that's where I could use some help from this site's long-time supporters.

    I am frankly tired of playing the bad cop on this site, and that is increasingly become my role. I am growing tired of explaining about spamming, linking, e-mail issues, and explaining why change is important and good. I honestly thought that by this point, there would be a large group of long-time members who, because they understand how everything works and why, would be able to jump on some of these topics when they come up and put them to bed right away. In other words, "watching my back."

    Now, I understand when I come out with a new feature that only I have knowledge about, that I will have to handle everything regarding that topic, at least in the beginning. But when something comes up such as someone insisting on posting a link to a certain gambling site, I would expect the membership to be all over it. In this example, the typical response is either silence, or "it's Todd's web site, so you have to follow his rules." While that's true, my hopes would be that the members, realizing that it's these very rules that have helped keep this site going for so long, would TAKE IT PERSONALLY that someone had tried to do something bad for the site, and would post something like "Hey jerk, stop spamming the forums!" Well, OK, you don't have to use the word "jerk", but you get the idea. You know, when I see someone do/say something like that, it is like a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders, and is really a positive mental thing. Functionally speaking, if everyone pitches in like that, it's not just good for me, it absolutely makes the site much, much better and positive. There is NOTHING like a community of positive, supportive people -- because that's the kind of place everyone wants to belong to.

    I think I've rambled enough, so I'm going to stop here. I'm sure there's more to say, but that's enough for now. I hope at least that by sharing some of my thoughts it will make this a better place.


    By Todd, at 9:52 AM

  • thanks for the best lottery site in the world and keep up the good work and never allow any one to cause you to question what you do here .your hard work and dedication has made this site what it is today .the best lottery site there is .keep up the good work and thanks for lottery post.

    By slackscrews, at 9:56 AM

  • i've really enjoyed my time here at lottery post.hopefully more people will be good mannered and quit bickering every time there is a minor change or something they don't understand.i wouldn't spend any energy worrying about it because you can't please everybody all the time.lottery post is the best! keep up the good work!

    By LOTTOMIKE, at 3:01 PM

  • Todd,
    I am one of the newer members, but it didn't take long for me to realize what a great place this was. Without L.P, I would not have access to the best info about the lottery, anywhere period. With that said, I feel that the older members should step forward, when someone steps out of line or attempts to break rules set forth by you. In the future if no one else steps forward, I will attempt to keep you from being bombarded with useless chatter. Everyone should have been a lot more patient with the change over to the new site. Only one man has done everything right the first time. That's not me. So, relax, clear your mind and keep on doing the great job, that you have always done. Thank you for all your efforts.My two cents worth.

    By CARBOB, at 10:19 AM

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