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Deal on Judicial Nominees / Filibuster

I have mixed feelings on the deal that was struck today in the Senate.

On one hand, I'd really like to stick it to the Democrats who have tried to load the courts with judges who feel it's their right to create new laws from the bench.

On the other hand (and more logically), I'm glad they worked out a solution that really did seem to cut right through the center of the argument.  The Senate is a natural place for debate and deliberation, so this is just the kind of deal that it is designed to make.

I'm glad that some very bright and talented judges are going to get a chance to serve in the appellate courts because of this deal.  It is a shame that it has taken so long.

For some reason, Democrats seem to dislike judges that rule based on what the law actually says.  I think that's because they don't have the will or the backbone to create new laws that solve today's problems.  They would rather have the judges do it for them.


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