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"A Divided Country"

The big media seems to put this phrase into every political article written.  Every newspaper, television broadcast, and news magazine tells us that "Washington is more divided than ever" and the "country is divided".

What a dumb comment.

By "divided country", I suppose that means "strong disagreement in opinion".

I wonder at which point in our history people did not hold strong disagreements.

With our 2-party system, I wonder at which point in our history that Washington was not divided.

You know what these comments really mean?  They mean that the big media is still upset that George W. Bush was elected and re-elected President.  This "divided" language is a way for them to signify that they (the big media) do not agree with his administration.

What a different country this would be if we could read a paper or turn on the TV news and see an honest, unbiased view of events. 

And what a wonderful thing it would be to see things shown in their proper priority.  Meaning that something important to the average American's life, but not necessarily important to the big media, would be the headline story.  And things of little importance to everyone, but which further the big media's agenda, would be relegated to the back page, or the middle segment.

It is in the interest of the big media for everyone to think the country is divided, because that would keep the pressure on the Bush administration.  It will also give them the ability to continue generating polls with questions designed to cause doubt and force a particular conclusion.

I do not think this country is so divided as they would have everyone think.  In fact, I think that overall this country is made up of people who generally agree on most things.

Sadly, I do not think the big media will ever let up.  Their unrelenting liberal pressure will continue to pound the eyes, ears, and minds of the American public, coercing people into their way of thinking.

Generation after generation, American citizens will be molded into the shape dictated by liberal elitists, who themselves would never consider taking that shape.


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