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300,000 Messages

I wonder how many other people noticed that we just went over 300,000 messages posted at Lottery Post?

That is a tremendous amount of lottery knowledge and data all in one place - a resource unlike anything else in the world.  I'm looking forward to the release of Microsoft SQL Server 2005, which has a number of programming facilities that will enable me to build a more robust and fast searching capability.  Then the whole Lottery Post forum database will be instantly searchable in many different ways.

As it is right now, the Lottery Post database is a very advanced database, again unlike most other sources out there.  It is a custom database structure I built on a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 platnorm, and allows a good amount of searching as it is.  Anyone can search the entire 5-year database, and can access any of the 300,000+ messages posted.

Many forums are cripled under that many messages, and as a result, delete or archive old messages , making them unaccessible to the public.

I also custom-built the Lottery Post database server (a dedicated database server), using 8GB of memory, and a RAID-5 array using 9 Hard disks, with a automatic hot-spare.  (All 10,000 RPM Seagate hard disks.)  One of these days I'm going to put together an article that details all the technology that goes into the production of this web site.

Anyway, that 300,000-message barrier has been reached, and things continue to grow faster every day.


  • Hey Todd - Thanks for such a great site - Everything you mentioned above is why you are the number one lottery site on the net...

    Keep up the great work you do!!


    By Lucky, at 4:32 PM

  • I'm the programmer and sysadmin for another very large forum (about 250,000 active messages in the db)...I can certainly understand the tremendous load on a site of this caliber. You're definitely good at what you do...great job :)

    By SamBuca, at 6:53 PM

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