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Can you believe these conceited jerks?

Two Senators recently tried to get buildings in Washington, D.C. named after them.

Not only is that against the Senate rules, but it smacks of such conceit that it is beyond words.

Both of the Senators involved are complete blow-hards to start with, but now they have sealed their fates as complete jerks.


  • This type of grandstanding is what I've come to expect from politicians. Aren't they something??

    By cowgirlpoet, at 12:31 PM

  • A creed by themselves...worldwide...this problem is not unique to the states.

    By shalini, at 12:23 AM

  • They are called representatives of the people for a reason. People voted them into office to represent them. They got exactly what they voted for. Some one who reflects their life and viewpoint. Never blame the egotist, blame those who encourage and support the egotist.

    By Chewie, at 10:13 AM

  • True, but politicians are not known for acting the same in office as when they were elected. Thus, one can easily find the logic for blaming both the politician as well as the people who voted him/her into offifce.

    Also, pointing out the foibles of the politician is a milder way of telling the people that they were stupid to elect him/her. Hopefully they will not be so stupid the next time they go to the polls.

    By Todd, at 11:49 AM

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