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They Ruined James Bond

With the number of actors rotating through the James Bond role, I guess it was only a matter of time before they picked someone completely wrong for the part.

Now they go pick a blond-haired guy for the role.  Everyone knows James Bond is a dark-haired guy, and the farther they get from Sean Connery, the worse things get.

Here's an article describing the new hero:

Probably another example of how Hollywood feels the need to do things differently just because they think that something different means they will get more money.

What they can't seem to figure out is that the way to get more seats filled (and DVDs sold) is to hire better writers and stop monkeying with a winning formula.

If they would write better stories and better dialog, they would revive this dying series, but hiring the blond guy is ..... a pretty blond thing to do.  LOL


  • What's next? Are they gonna call it a James Blonde movie? LOL

    By pacattack05, at 2:50 PM

  • I agree Todd. Sean Connery is still good looking.   I loved him in Hitchcock's - Marnie.

    By Tenaj, at 8:17 PM

  • I just hope is can fool me into thinking he is actually a spy. Personally, Roger Moore was my favorite. Sean Connery aside, I haven't much for the other fellows. Can't tell you how thrilled I am to see other James Bond fans here in LP. I thought most men hated him.

    By spy153, at 10:44 AM

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