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New German Chancellor to Seek Stronger U.S. Ties

Excellent!  After celebrating the exit of the old German Chancellor (an ass), I found an article outlining the new Chancellor's objective of stronger U.S. relations.

This is very welcome news.  The bootprint on the hind end of Gerhard Schroeder will be ever-the-more evident when the new Chancellor reaches out to Washington.


  • I hope she can begin effecting about some changes to help their economy in a direction of capitalism.

    All I've read is that Europe as a whole is stagnating under the weight of socialism, and with Schroeder and Chirac in France at the helm were stepping off into a yawning abyss. Happy he set his ego aside for the good of Germany.

    By konane, at 5:31 PM

  • I'm sure he didn't set his ego aside willingly.

    By Todd, at 6:01 PM

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