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Last Night of RNC

Wrapping up the RNC Thursday night, I thought the president's speech was a good ending.

Now that the convention is over, it is easier to compare against the Democrat's.

What made Bush's speech so much better than Kerry's (other than the fact that Bush is a much better candidate) is that he clearly laid out an agenda with a purpose.  Contrast that with Kerry's speech, which was basically "I'm against everything Bush is for", and didn't say what he would do.

Ultimately, I think that's going to be Kerry's downfall.  He doesn't give people a compelling reason to vote for him, and contrary to what the media would have you believe, most people don't hate George Bush.  It's not that people don't disagree with him on certain policies, it's that only a very small segment of the population actually hate him.  The fringe.

Most people who take the time to go out and vote do it in order to vote for something, not against something.  Last night, Bush outlined many reasons to vote for him.

Unlike Kerry, I predict he's going to get a good post-convention bump in the polls.  Maybe as much as 8 or 10 points.  I'm sure the media will make up some excuse why he got a bump and Kerry didn't (probably calling him mean or negative, or something stupid like that), but if Bush stays on the offensive, and keeps the message out front, he should carry that margin to victory.


  • Yey Bush! Objexctive people will give him a full term, all 8 years..he deserves it...there are people who hate him..the same people who say make love not war! yet have much hate in thier hearts..Go Bush 04!

    By ONEDAY, at 4:07 PM

  • glad to see people are thinking and are aware. Getting the word out for people to think and read and not let the media lead you is more important than ever. The most important issue is staying alive. Look what happened in Russia. They will do the same to us. That is all of us .

    By ibbroke, at 1:35 PM

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