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We should all just refer to John Kerry as "Flipper", like the dolphin.

I just re-read my previous Blog entry, and I can't get over how blatant - and dangerous - his flip-flopping is.  Those who can shut their eyes to it go beyond the "hold your nose while you pull the lever" in the voting booth thing.  It borders on insanity.

Someone who flip-flops on terrorism is just plain dangerous for this country.  Thank God we have a true leader like GWB who leads by principle in these dangerous times.

And the same principled approach to terrorism is responsible for leading this country out of the recession that started in the year before he became president.

Instead of the same old scare-tactic approaches of the opposition, GWB continues to lead the country forward with an economy that changes as the world progresses.  So instead of scaring people about "outsourcing" (which is really a lot of hype propagated by the liberal media), GWB is focusing on giving people more choice with their money, and helping small businesses to prosper.  Because small businesses - by far - employ the bulk of the population.

The latest moronic scare tactic of the Kerry campaign is to say that GWB is eroding the middle class, as well as driving senior citizens out of the middle class.  What stupid drivel.  If anything, Kerry is the one who has hurt senior citizens the most, as he was trying to raise taxes on social security benefits while he was in the Senate.  In fact, Kerry has never met a tax he didn't like.  I couldn't find a single tax proposal that he didn't vote for.  And all those taxes are middle class killers.

I find it amusing when people keep harping about "outsourcing" being a bad thing, because it shows (1) a lack of understand about the changing world economy and technologies, and (2) tends to expose those who have an entitlement attitude.

Maybe I'll get deeper into the outsourcing thing in a future entry.  But the bottom line is that people should be very skeptical of:

  1. People with a unreasonable hatred of George Bush
  2. Anyone who highlights outsourcing as a main reason to vote against George Bush
  3. People who don't talk about Kerry's liberal voting record in the Senate (either because they don't know it, or because they know it's a liability)
  4. People who are very negative about the current economy, and other things such as health care

Did you know that the unemployment rate is only 5.4% right now?  That's lower than 7 out of 10 years in the 1990s.  And that's after the 9/11 attacks and a recession that Bush inherited from Clinton.  If a Democrat were in office, the liberal media would be crowing about how awesome the president had done under such difficult conditions.  Instead, they are like the pied piper, leading a bunch of hard-core liberals around on a leash, constantly complaining about how rotten EVERYTHING is and how the sky is falling.

The media and liberals in general have gotten so bad, that according to them every single thing that George Bush has ever done is terrible.  But regular, normal -- middle class -- people are not buying that nonsense anymore.  No person (other than maybe serial killers) are ALL bad, so it's getting to the point where reasonable people see right through the attacks.  And once the credibility of the attacker is eroded, the message becomes meaningless.

Just like Dan Rather!  The chief elite media guy is a great example -- a poster boy -- of what people are starting to reject.  Bye bye, Danny boy!!


  • i could'nt agree more todd.
    this is what i think of flipper! anyone looking for some mullet?

    By MADDOG10, at 8:22 PM

  • Bush! hopefully he will be allrite in the debates...

    By ONEDAY, at 7:53 PM

  • i think kerry's campaign is done for. he screwed it up by putting too much stress on his service in vietnam, and now he's being proven to be a liar.

    By DoctorEw220, at 2:19 AM

  • Quick video on Windows Media Player 'bout says it all.

    By konane, at 10:03 AM

  • I think you posted an invalid URL.

    By Todd, at 12:13 PM

  • You're absolutely correct because on a live link it went to an actual video, but not as posted. Huge apologies!

    By konane, at 1:59 PM

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