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Despicable Liberal Ploy

I hate to muddy my Blog with negative junk, but I am really steamed by the disgusting tactics being employed by Democrats and the liberal media to slander and libel our sitting president.

Ever since Kerry took a nose dive in the polls, liberals have been searching for a way to attack the president.  They don't look for a positive message and agenda that will propel their candidacy and debate the issues.  Instead they only look to throw mud and manufacture anger.

Everyone knows that the mainstream media is a driving force behind the liberal agenda, but now things have completely gone over the edge.  Instead of just propping up stories that slant to a certain viewpoint, they are now using forged (completely fake) documents to fabricate a negative story about the president.  It goes beyond simply unethical, becoming slanderous.

Document and typewriter experts have shown conclusively that a typewriter from the 1970's did not create the documents that Dan Rather showed on 60 Minutes.  They were created using Microsoft Word!  And they didn't even use computers back then!

Worse, Dan Rather (and all the liberal media that jumped on the bandwagon) used the fact that the guy who supposedly wrote the documents is dead - and unable to deny that he created the documents.  That is so disgusting.  I am sickened.

I don't see any documents from an alive guy showing anything remotely like those documents.  Because they don't exist, and the documents were created by some vile jerk who realizes that Kerry can't win unless the Dems take cheap shots.

Dan Rather and other CBS people interviewed the guy's surviving family members, and they all say that when he was alive he had nothing but glowing things to say about George Bush.  They all said that he did not keep notes like that.  First, he took very few notes, keeping ideas in his head rather than writing them down.  Second, he hand-wrote everything, and never used a typewriter.  Lastly, they emphatically said that no military officer would EVER write notes like the ones "uncovered" - it would be career suicide because it is a very underhanded thing to do.

Guess what?  Dan Rather never mentioned any of those things in his story, despite the fact that they contradicted everything that the Bush-attackers said.  The people who knew the dead officer best were silenced in a news story.  Why?  It's obvious!  Because the family's comments did not support the thesis that Dan Rather was normulating.  They inconveniently contradicted his agenda, so he didn't even mention that they were interviewed, let alone that they debunked the attackers.

The bottom line: Dan Rather is not an objective reporter; he is an active supporter of Kerry, and is doing everything in his power to get President Bush out of office.

No matter what your political affiliation, is this what you want hard news reporters to do?  It is sad that real, objective news is becoming a thing of the past.

And it is sad that Fox News is attacked for showing BOTH sides to a story, instead of acting like the rest of the mainstream media, always taking the liberal point of view and ignoring what all the regular people of this country think.

Unless Kerry had a hand in this - or knew about it - I don't think he is necessarily a vile person, but the people he surrounds himself with are of the worst ilk.  And if he becomes president, those are the same people who will be advising him and running the key areas of the government.

I have faith in the fairness of the American people.  I truly believe that the more this crap comes to light, the more people will see through it and turn against the people who perpetuate it.

George Bush has always taken the high road.  He has stated numerous times that Kerry served honorably, and he even stated that Kerry served more honorably than himself (!) because Kerry served under fire in combat.

Where is Kerry saying that serving in the National Guard was honorable service?  Where is he denouncing ALL the negative 527 ads (not just the ones that are against himself)?

The American people will overwhelmingly vote for George Bush on Election Day.  It will be a landslide.


  • I find it very interesting that these "new" documents just happen to be found when George Bush's poll numbers are taking off. They weren't found this spring during the primary season when President Bush's national guard service was questioned. They weren't found in 2000 when he ran against Gore. They weren't found in 1994 when he ran against Ann Richars for govenor. They are only found when John Kerry needs them most. How convenient.

    After pretty good evidence that these documents are total bunk, Rather is standing by his story. He says the type font has existed since 1931. Fine. He says typewriters existed back in the early 70's that could superscript type. Fine. I want someone to produce a typewriter that had that font and could superscript. My guess is one would have a hard time finding one if there is one. Even if there is one, the guy's surviving family members say he wasn't much of a typist if one at all. It seems unlikely he would have typed this memo. But yet Rather is standing by his story.

    He promotes books that are favorable to John Kerry and harm President Bush. He pedals this garbabe but yet he totally ignores the biggest story in this election; the Swiftboat vets and their story and what they have to say. Not one word or interview about that.

    So much for objective journalism Dan.

    By whodeani, at 4:27 PM

  • Dan Rather is a liberal activist, not a news man. I have no problem with a person who decides to be a liberal activist (it's a free country), but I do have a problem with a liberal activist masquerading as a news man on a mainstream news channel.

    By Todd, at 7:15 PM

  • The big 3 plus CNN have been out of the business of objective journalism for about 15 years, seeming to get their stories from,, Amazes me that people are so gullible as to believe that tabloid junk!!

    By konane, at 2:38 PM

  • Konane,

    Yes, I agree with you. As to what people will believe, it is my theory that these days people will believe whatever supports their viewpoint. Those people who hate George Bush will believe anything that makes him look bad.

    I thought after the country came together after 9/11 that it could signal an end to the divisiveness in this country, but I was very wrong. Instead, the majority of Democrats have chosen to spew more hatred than ever, and viciously attack their opponents whenever they can. They no longer look to debate issues; they only look to attack.

    THAT is why good people like Zell Miller are loudly speaking out about their party. The guy refuses to become a Republican, because as he stated, he is a lifelong Democrat. But his party has lost their senses, and he is very upset about it.


    By Todd, at 5:01 PM

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