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Bush is going to win

I am a strong believer in the power of positive thinking.

Plus, just saying that makes the start of the day better.

All polls are strongly in Bush's favor, because the more people know about John Kerry, the more they dislike him.  Up to this point things have been pretty even because on the truly interested have been knowing what everyone is just finding out: A Kerry presidency would be a huge step backwards for the US.

There is no way to mount a big win when the only thing you're running for is to oust the current president.  There will be a segment of the population who is milead enough to vote that way, but normal people will not run down to the polls just to oust the president who has been our leader through tough times.

However, there is a huge segment that will run down to the polls because of their enthusiastic support of the president.

Go Bush!

(Now that's a good way to start the day!)


  • whodeani,

    I read your comment in that other Blog entry, and I'm responding here, instead of putting my comment over there.

    You are so "on the money" with your statements. There is a maturity in thought that brings people to think that way, very nice to see.


    By Todd, at 10:55 AM

  • Bush will win..marginally..its shame thier is big divide in this country..wrong and right..left and right..etc.

    By ONEDAY, at 6:57 PM

  • I think it will be a landslide. However, even if it were a "marginal" win as you say, a win is a win. Even Bill Clinton couldn't get 50% of the country to vote for him, and he won two terms. I don't ever hear the liberal media talking about HIS "marginal" win though.

    By the way, when is the last time the country WASN'T divided? The only time you hear anything about a divided country is when a Republican is in the White House. What do you want to bet that if Kerry got elected, all of the sudden you wouldn't hear anything about a divided country?

    Funny, same thing happened when Clinton became president. Under Bush 41, the country had a massive homeless problem. There were stories on the news almost every night about it. Then, once Clinton was elected, the homeless problem disappeared! Either Clinton worked an amazing miracle, or else the liberal media basically said, "mission accomplished." Same principle applies to the nonsensical "divided country" thing.

    By Todd, at 1:32 AM

  • Bush and Kerry both blow. Todd for President!

    By fast eddie, at 12:38 AM

  •   Speaks for itself!!

    By konane, at 9:12 AM

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