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WOW ... veterans speak about John Kerry

Holy mackerel, a new TV ad was just posted online that crushes everything John Kerry said about his Vietnam record.

The ad contains lots of people from that famous photo that Kerry likes to display, and everyone in the photo says he's lying about his record and unfit for command.  One guy even says that he's lying about his purple heart - because he's the one who treated him!

I'm sure the democrats are going to pull out the tired old "right-wing conspiracy" thing again.  But all this lying stuff totally fits with Kerry's constant flip-flopping and weasel attitude.

The guy even loses popularity after the Democratic convention!  Every single candidate in history got a popularity bounce after the convention - except him!

I don't think it's even going to be close in November.  I think Bush will win in a landslide.


  • It seems the only veterans the left-wing media seems to find are the ones that support Kerry. They can't seem to find the many veterans who don't support Kerry.

    Todd, the Swift Boat Veterans against Kerry held a press conference a few months ago. If you want to here what they said, go to the link below and find the heading, "Vietnam Veteran's Speak out about John F. Kerry". You can listen to what his commanding officers had to say about him.

    By whodeani, at 10:30 PM

  • Thanks for the link. I have one of the clips playing now as I write this. Truly amazing stuff.

    The Vet's home page is

    I guess this stuff had first surfaced a few months ago when it came to light that Kerry lied several times about throwing his medals onto the whitehouse lawn (or something to that effect). He told several different stories, and never told the truth. (Lies built upon lies.)

    All this stuff wouldn't be a big deal if Kerry didn't go around saying how important his Vietnam experience was. He brought up the topic, keeps talking about it, and so the lies that he tells are very important.

    The mainstream liberal media does (and will do) everything it can to cover up the lies and discredit those who point out the lies. They try to minimize the lies, saying that the events happened so long ago, that why should it matter? But they fail to point out that he has built his campaign - and public image - around a pile of deceptions.

    He even came out like a dope and saluted at the convention, saying "reporting for duty." Like he's some kind of war hero.

    He really makes my skin crawl.

    By Todd, at 11:58 PM

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