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'Served Together' Definition

Man, if this doesn't just say it all...


  • That is a great pic. I was waiting for somebody to bring something like this up. From what I understand, the swift boats patrolled together as a fleet and were always together in groups of four or five. This no different than a fighter squadron in the U.S. Air Force. You may have not flew on the same plane but you would have served with the pilots in your squadron. So it is totally asinine for the Kerry defenders to say just because you weren't on the same boat you didn't serve together. But then again, what else are they going to say? They can't make any valid arguements to dispute the claims of people who served with Kerry. All they do is attack the people and not their claims.

    By whodeani, at 10:45 AM

  • Intreasting...

    By ONEDAY, at 1:14 AM

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