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  • I received a long anti-Bush email tonight, and I was tempted to publish it in my blog, but I thought better of it, lest I be expelled for good, whether I am a political agnostic or not.

    By dragon, at 1:59 AM

  • When have I ever threatened to expell someone for posting an anti-Bush rant? It's way too much fun blowing holes in the illogical arguments of the left to get rid of them!

    By Todd, at 7:43 AM

  • Todd, Todd, you didn't see the tongue in my cheek.
    But you just have the strongest bias one way that I have seen in a long time, I can't help but poke.
    I am still undecided, by the way. Political agnostic is an appropriate description of myself.

    By dragon, at 4:27 PM

  • Yeah, I guess this year I have the strongest bias I've had in a long time. I think the secular values vs. traditional values war that has been brewing for years is finally coming to a head, and that is really polarizing the country.

    I believe in:

    - the pre-emtpive war strategy against terror groups (including Iraq)
    - tax cuts for everyone who pays taxes
    - a flat tax system
    - drilling for oil in Alaska
    - school choice, including a voucher system
    - a strong military defense
    - smaller, less intrusive government
    - capitalism
    - the right to spend your money however you like, including gambling
    - recognition of the fact that the country was founded on Judeo-Christian values
    - stopping the ACLU

    All of the above puts me at odds with all liberals.

    By Todd, at 4:56 PM

  • Go Bush 2004~

    By ONEDAY, at 8:07 PM

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