Monday, August 1, 2011

Really dumb Government spending (part 1)

We already know about the bailouts, Heres where some of the other surplus money went.

787 Billion to maintain Unemployment benefits, Medicaid, Food stamps.

462,000 to purchase 22 concrete toilets for the Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri.

5 million to create goethermal energy for a mall in Oak ridge, that is mostly empty.

9.38 million to renovate a century old train station in Lancaster that hasn't been used for 30 years.

100,000 for a socially conscious puppet show in Minnesota.

2 million to build a replica railroad tourist attraction in Carson city, Nevada

3.4 million to build turtle tunnels in Lake Jackson Florida.

3.1 million to transform a canal barge into a floating museum

1 million to study health effects of enviromentall friendly public housing on 300 people in Chicago

983,952 for street beautifacation , Ann Arbor Michigan

1 million to Portland Oregon to replace Bike lockers and build garage for 250 bikes

700,000 to Oregon crab fisherman to replace lost crab posts.

1.5 Billion, yes Billion, for a carbon capturing contest.

300,000 for a gps equipped helicopter to hunt for radioactive rabbit droppings at the Hanford Nuclear reservation in Washington State.

390,000 to Buffalo N.Y. to study the effects of malt liquor and marijuana on young adults

148,438 to Washington State to analize the use of Marijuana in conjunction with morphine.

800,000 to John Murthas private airport, to repave runway

1 million to Chicago dinner cruise to combat terrorism

572 million to the US Coast Guard to create 1,235 jobs, each job created cost 460.000

30 million for spring training complex for the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks.

11 million to Microsoft to build bridge connecting 2 headquarter campuses in Redmond Washington

1.15 million to install a guardrail for dry lake bed in Oklahoma

2.5 million sent to the deceased

6 million for snow making facility in Duluth Minnesota.

89,000 for new sidewalk that leads to a ditch.

71,623 to Wakforest to study the effects of monkeys on cocaine.

200,000 to help siberians lobby the russian government.

1.9 million sent to East Africa to photograph ants.

712,000 to help scientist build joke machine.

39.7 million to up grade office space and indoor parking for Kansas politicians

13.3 for park restoration in Remote Florida Keys.

15.8 million no-bid contract to California company to clean up the mess THEY MADE.

298,543 Went to study weather predictions...FOR OTHER PLANETS.

762,372 To Georgia Tech to study improvised music.

600,000 to U of M to study the effects on local population in the Nepalese, Himalayas

294,000 to NC. to study the effects yoga may have on hot flashes.

25.8 million to public relations firm to win over public by creating fake news stories.

500,000 to California to study the altitude of clouds on NEPTUNE

341,000 TO Fresno California for new palm trees.

141,002 to Bozeman students to take trip to China to study dinosaur eggs.

1.8 million to Minnesota to upgrade heating system fot ice rink.

Can't make this stuff up, this was stimulas money.


At 10:48 PM, JAP69 said...

Thanks sully,
Makes me want to throw up.
And I thought the stimulus or tarp money, forgot which one is automaticly in the budget now. I heard Rush talking about it last week. Money to play with.

At 10:50 PM, sully16 said...

Jap , theres more where this came from.

At 10:51 PM, rdgrnr said...

They should make a movie out of that stuff and call it "Dems Gone Wild."
It would be funny if it wasn't so disgusting what they borrow money for and expect us to pay it back.

At 10:51 PM, JAP69 said...

I was suppose to say I thought the stimulus or tarp was suppose to have been a one time deal.

At 10:52 PM, CashWinner$ said...

Thanks sully. Looks like a lotta "wink & smile" projects up eh...

At 10:54 PM, sully16 said...

Thanks Ridge, I love turtles but, turtle tunnels, I would have helped dig them for free.

At 10:55 PM, sully16 said...

Thanks Cashwinners , earmarks and pork.

At 11:14 PM, Tenaj said...

somebody 'plain this one to me.

2.5 million sent to the deceased

At 11:17 PM, sully16 said...

Thanks Tenaj, hopefully they got that back.

At 11:59 PM, jarasan said...

@ tenaj

Monies sent to the deceased are mostly SSecurity payments that were sent after someone passed because the responsible parties for the deceased failed to report the passing.

You know people die right??????????? It happens all the time.

At 8:41 AM, Rick G said...

That's what makes this 'debt crisis' such a joke. It's like a drunk at a bar complaining of his pending foreclosure while buying rounds for the house all night. When something doesn't make sense, it's usually a lie.

At 8:48 AM, sully16 said...

Thanks Rick, Not a single pundit had anything to say about the super congress, or maybe I missed it, you would think one person would have been miffed.

At 9:25 AM, scorpio said...

I guess everyone forgot about Jimmy Carter.Right now everyone is blame everyone.

At 10:25 AM, sully16 said...

Thanks Scorpio, We won't forget Jimmy, especially those of us who had a relatives held hostage, they were released when Reagan too office, it was the 444th day, so many people played that number in Michigan it had to be closed out, I play it almost everyday on the prediction board in memory.

At 12:19 PM, TigerAngel said...

Thanx Sully! Sickening list. I read yesterday about what happened in Argentina in 1989. The gov announced on the radio that everyone's savings acct. has been taken for the good of the country. They said they would pay it back in 20 years with interest only they didn't pay it back. People were mad but they did nothing! This could happen here I'm afraid. What to do now? Perhaps buy gold and/or silver and take physical possesion of it. Perhaps buy everything you need now, better car? Get dental and health work done now? Stock up on survival food, etc.? Spent your savings acct. now on what you will need before the money is stolen or worthless?

At 1:25 PM, sully16 said...

Thanks TigerAngel, we have cash on hand and gold, I have gone back to canning like my mother and grandmother, our garden is now a necessity. I'll grow food in the house if I have to.

At 2:38 PM, emilyg said...

Thank you sully. I'll be shaking my head all day.

At 2:42 PM, sully16 said...

Thank You Emily, We should all be shaking our Heads.

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