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Thursday, June 23, 2022


Nancy Pelosi Goes on Ru Paul and Says Drag Queens are What America is All About


Those are Democrat Values Nancy, not American Values.

Speak for yourself.

They call nuncy peesloosli............... Vodka Skeletor, oh yeah she is also Catholic.
* Nancy is taking to herself in this matter- the nation as a whole does not share her view, however , is storming the Capitol what “ America is all about” when the results you expected did not go your way?

* How many of those folks who roamed the halls of the Capitol are regular churchgoers? How many in that crowd were shouting “ we need to take back the country for God.” It’s a mess any way you look at it- and it will be cleaned up all enough.

We built a great nation because we are ruled by law and not by men or women
Hey Numbnutz,
Yesterday was National Kissing Day and I was going to invite you and your leg-humping buddy Stinky to kiss my ass but I didn't want to catch anything so never mind. Have a nice day.
* You an idiot, always have been. In your screwed up world, all you see in pleasing whatever God you believe in is " killing babies, drsg queens & other shi*. What about the F lies that your party promotes at every turn? From your cult leader to your politician friends asking for " blanket pardons" to Ron Johnson setting up sending " fake electors" in Trump's name to destroy our electoral system.

* As l said, you in the party of Satan- wolves in sheep clothing, but hey, what about those babies? No wonder you a joke.
noisefart what is your tranny stage name??
You can beg and plead all you want but I still ain't gonna let you or Stinky kiss my ass.
So deal with it!
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