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Wednesday, June 22, 2022


China Poised to Bypass United States as World's Pre-eminent Superpower


China is going to be the mightiest Superpower in the world soon. They ARE going to pass us up.

And it is all because of Dopey Joe Biden and the Democrats.

It would NEVER have happened under President Trump, NEVER.

And everybody knows that.

This country is in BIG trouble on the world stage.

The Democrats won't believe it until they see Chinese Navy Carrier Groups patrolling off our coasts.

And there won't be a thing they can do about it.

* Oh Yeah, so in a 18 months they have built a navy that eclipses the US huh? That sounds like the story 45 likes to spew about “ America was made Great in the years he was in office.”

*Prior to that, we were a 3rd World country. That’s on par with “ l won the 2020 election & Biden refused to concede.” Or, l was chosen by God to lead this country, but the election was rigged.” Really, what happened to the claim you have God’s backing?

*See that BS reasoning?
One aircraft carrier doesn't make a navy that will match our 7th Fleet.
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