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Saturday, May 14, 2022


Virginia Democrat Supervisor Indicted on 82 Felony Counts of Voter Fraud


This is what the Democrats keep denying and this crook and his crook mother are just small potatoes compared to the wholesale fraud that took place all across this country giving us a President who took office through a fraudulent scheme.

But you know what? Useful Idiots like Numbnutz and his leg-humping buddy 3rd Brigade Stinky will still deny it.

Better not happen again.
slowly but surely the truth comes out. Still waiting for the FBI and Hillybag to be served!

* Happens ALL THE TIME in politics. Nothing new to see here. Wanna know the height of an act of Supreme Voter fraud Bhagwan? Sure you do..

* Get this brainless one!

* President Trump pressured Georgia’s Republican secretary of state to “find” him enough votes to overturn the presidential election and vaguely threatened him with “a criminal offense” during an hourlong telephone call, according to an audio recording of the conversation.
*Mr. Trump, who has spent almost nine weeks making false conspiracy claims about his loss to President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr., told Brad Raffensperger, the state’s top elections official, that he should recalculate the vote count so Mr. Trump, not Mr. Biden, would end up winning the state’s 16 electoral votes.

“I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have,” Mr. Trump said during the conversation, according to a recording first obtained by The Washington Post, which published it online.

* Enough said.
Yeah he needed him to find the Trump votes that weren't counted or disqualify the illegal votes which is PERFECTLY LEGAL and the RINO wouldn't do it. He belongs in prison with the rest of the crooks who stole that election.
* Look, l know you can play ignorant at times, but let's get real here.We all know that Trump has almost all departments were SH** scared of not going along with 45's bidding. B.U.T. doing this " find me BS" was a bridge to far. That could mean jail time for anyone who was attempting to screw the voting public over. So going off your remark R, there was " nothing to find " because there was no there there. Trump lost fair & square.

* Trump's mistake was telling his followers NOT to mail in the ballots & it turned out to be a self inflicted political wound. He showed his incompetence for all to see & then cried or still cries foul.

* l immediately lit a candle for the poor guy. It's the least I could do.
You paid no attention to anything I said, as is usually the case.
Did you watch 2000 Mules?
* You once said " you don't read my posts" which l know is a lie, but that's besides the point. I posted stuff that is out there & that can can verified. However In Trumpworld, if you do not go along with his way or thinking or doing things- you either attacked, or called a Rino.
* Fact of the matter, is that 45 lost, and history has recorded it as such. Every conservative judge out there would have done Trump a favor by saying he did win, but lying is one thing- putting on the robe & lying is sh** serious. These judges who looked into Trump's allegations of voter fraud came away with the full knowledge that Trump " underestimated " the American voters. It's one thing to be liked or loved for bring on a show called the " Apprentuce" but its another to lay across traintracks to please the guy- that was not going to happen, unless you the Mike Pillow guy, who's 3/4 nuts as you know. The guy would throw himself off a cliff if Trump asked him to.
* Lastly: l did not see 2000 miles cause it has no basis in reality. Finest was charged campaign finance violation & got pardoned by Trump- his movie is a " thank you" gift to Donald, but there is a reason the mainstream doesn't think it has substance, because it doesn't.
* You were suckered into watching BS, but l am not surprised, there l said it.
I already know all of your mantra of talking points, that's how I can briefly skim over your diatribes and see the familiar buzzwords signifying that's it's just the same old stuff you ALWAYS recite.
The fact that you're scared to watch 2000 Mules tells me all I need to know.
You said "the mainstream doesn't think it has substance," and that was all you needed to hear to keep your mind closed and locked up tight.
Because somebody told you that.
No need to check it out for yourself, right?
Just do as "the mainstream" says because they're so much smarter than you, right?
Have you ever considered having a little self-respect and deciding things for yourself?
No, I didn't think so.
farticus is an idiot.
NG, You keep saying, where's the proof that the election was rigged?

You know when you go into a store and there are TV screens where the employees can watch the customers from behind the counter so they don't steal anything? Or when there is a video camera and TV screen aimed at the counter in case they get robbed? You know how cameras can watch traffic on the highways? You know how red light cameras can film you running a red light? You know how you watch the news and they show a robbery, an assault, fight, etc that was caught on a video camera mounted on a pole or on the side of a building? Do any of those have "no basis in reality" as you put it?
Because that is exactly what is shown in the movie 2,000 Mules.
You want proof, there's your proof.

He doesn't want to discuss it any further.
His mind is made up.
The "mainstream" said not to watch the movie.
So he's not going to watch it.
And that, my friends, is why Democrats don't really know what the hell is going on in this country.
If CNN or MSNBC or any of the other "mainstream" outlets say something -- it's gospel.
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