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Monday, November 20, 2023

More evidence that tRump wants to be a dictator

Well, the maga cult wants tRump to be their forever dictator, even if he loses future elections, if he ever regains power, which he won't, but he is screening 54,000 potential people who he hopes, along with Giuliani, to make sure he stays in power, basically a power grab, despite a fair election.


If this is not a gestapo move, I don't know what is.


noise-gate said...

* Yet he refuses to stand on a political stage with other GOP presidential contenders. He had no problem doing it in 2016 because he had no political record and could throw Jeb & others. But because he now has a record- he burrows into his hideout & is telling the others to follow him into the abyss. They all raised their hands to throw their lot in with him if he wins the nomination.

6:46 PM

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