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(Q) & (A) Questions and Answers

You guys got questions, then go and zip them over to me by private message or post to this thread.

Getting ready fo the evening games to fall, will see how we do so let's all go and Make 'Dat Money.

 Thank you.



  • Do you happen to see a good 4 digit for N.C. I'm Aquarius.

    By CrazySister, at 6:57 PM

  • You might want to try one of these six sets; 1469-1496-1649-1694-1946-1964.

    Good luck.


    By mjwinsmith, at 8:42 PM

  • Thank you So Much!! I will keep it in for awhile and when it hits, I will inbox you and compensate you nicely!! Thank you Again!!

    By CrazySister, at 8:30 AM

  • To: CrazySister,

    You are so welcome, and the best of luck to you on a win.


    By mjwinsmith, at 8:59 AM

  • Do you what's going to come out this number 5458 cuz I got 2811?

    By ajan45, at 10:28 AM

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