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Pick-3 for Dummies Thursday 02/25/2010

021 512 071 571 026 076 526 576

567 576 657 675 756 765


Prediction Results for Wednesday 02/24/2010

South Carolina: 1-2-0 (Eve)

Indiana: 1-2-5 (Eve)....................str8 [1-2-5 (4x)] total winnings $2000.00 using my "Magic Wheel"

Ontario: 1-7-0 (Eve)

Just a reminder for those of you in my Player's Club. Friday, February 26th is the last day to fund your account and to purchase your subscriptions for the month of March 2010. We got some great things planned for March which you will want to be a part of so if you've not gotten around to it get the funds into you account ASAP. Any questions don't hesitate to write and ask. Thank you, and good luck today.



  • How do you become a member? What are the priviliges of being a member and what will be the winning ratio ? I am in Texas. Thanks

    By zarrhouston, at 11:04 AM

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