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Power Play Pick-3 Friday 06/26/2009

Power Play Pick-3 (PPP3)

Numbers my computers pick to fall somewhere today, Friday 06/26/2009.

Just a few Pick-3 numbers, perfect to play str/combo in a few or all states, Mid-Day and Evening.


I like the 343 for the Mid-Day game and the 385 for evening, note either can fall in the Mid-Day or evening game.

Yesterday we had a monster hit with 5-0-8 (str8) in the Tri-State daily numbers game. Since we had such a good hit I am sharing todays numbers with you all in the hope that you can get a good hit today also.

Do your own work outs to determine if these are good numbers to play in your own state, and if they match your own work outs put a little extra on the number today. Good luck.



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