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Pick-4 for Dummies THU 05/01/2008

We have seven (7) boxed sets left from the sixteen (16) Hot Picks from Week No 17, which have not fallen,

0358, 0578, 2458, 2568, 3568, 4578, 5689. Three (3) of these sets are Q25g numbers, (Quest for $25,000.00).


Illinois hit the other Q25g number on Wednesday, April 30 – 2008 with 8-3-5-1 in the evening game.


I suggest that you use some or all of these numbers in your workouts, which will give you a good chance to hit one

or more of the Q25g Pick-4 numbers.  Good luck to all and let’s bring home some $5000.00 and $25,000.00 wins.


Thank you.


Michael J. Smith, Mike’s Computer Picks / Quick Nickels


  • mjwinsmith Washington, D.C. Midday DC-4 Straight + 24-Way Box 5-8-6-9 5-8-6-9 $2,600

    By mjwinsmith, at 3:03 PM

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