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Pick-3 for Dummies Pre-Test List No 01.2008

Pick-3 for DUMMIES Sunday, Dec 30 - Tuesday  Jan 08, 2008  Week No. 01           

Here are the pretest numbers for the week, these can be played straight/box
as combos/wheels or in any order that you want. Best to play str/box and on
the target play due date based on YOUR astrological birth sign. Capricorn
your pick(s) are:

605-2          215-8          718-7          252-9

070-7          819-9          732-2          893-2

556-7          976-4          204-6          854-8

886-4          548-8          237-3          988-7

969-6          367-7          595-1          248-5

841-4          764-8          638-8          337-4

616-4          687-3          471-3          977-5

324-9          916-7          835-7          726-6

157-4          262-1          266-5          069-6

[The number to the right of the pick three digit is the root sum number.]     

These pick three numbers are used to get money to go after the Q5g and Q25g,
(Quest for five thousand dollars) pick-3, and (Quest for twenty-five thousand dollars)
pick-4 number picks.

If you are not on my Q5g, or Q25g pick-3/4 list and would like to join then do drop me
an PM {Private Message} to be included. This is a subscribed list and it will cost you
money to play, but well worth it considering that you could possibly win $5000.00 or
$25,000 in the pick 3/4 games respectfully playing our numbers.

To see my most recent winning Predictions check out the prediction page at the LotteryPost website;

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Thank you

Michael J. Smith
Mike's Computer Picks / Quick Nickels

God Bless America


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