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Sunday, September 17, 2023

The "QUEEN Charlatan!

‘A Serial Liar’: Biden Caught Red-Handed In Another Lie

Opinion by David Rufful•12h
‘A Serial Liar’: Biden Caught Red-Handed In Another Lie
‘A Serial Liar’: Biden Caught Red-Handed In Another Lie© Provided by America Insider

President Biden claims that he taught “political theory” at the University of Pennsylvania.

“Democracy is at stake, folks,” Biden began. “Our democracy is under attack. And we gotta fight for it.”

“I taught at the University of Pennsylvania for four years,” he said. “And I used to teach political theory. And folks, you always hear every generation has to fight for democracy. And I found myself – it’s automatic, we didn’t have to believe it – but we do. We do.”

Despite being an “honorary professor” in recent years, fact-checkers say he never taught a single class.

“Biden claims he ‘taught political theory’ at the University of Pennsylvania. He never taught a single class at UPenn,” political commentator Greg Price said.

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highly concerned about whether President Joe Biden may have committed
  • Biden allies worried about 'emotion toll' Hunter indictment will have on the president
    NBC News/NBC NewsBiden allies worried about 'emotion toll' Hunter indictment will have on the president
  • Biden claims he taught 'political theory' at the University of Pennsylvania
    FOX News/FOX NewsBiden claims he taught 'political theory' at the University of Pennsylvania
  • “Biden’s pretend life sounds very fun and interesting,” author Carol Roth remarked.

“Is this guy a late stage dementia patient,” another person asked. “Or is he literally a serial liar. I’m not sure which is worse?”

Conservative commentator Erielle Davidson said, “Everyone screamed about George Santos, but when Biden does it, it’s apparently fine,” she wrote, referring to Rep. George Santos of New York.

Conservative podcast host Derek Hunter reached out to CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale and Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler.

“Know anyone with the job of fact checking?” Dale asked.

GOP national spokeswoman Madison Gesiotto Gilbert said, “Another day, Another lie.”

GOP Rapid Response director Jake Schneider said, “It’s been a minute since Biden resurrected this complete lie. Must’ve shuffled the rolodex!”

Previous fact-checks have noted that Biden’s honorary role at UPenn included “talks” to students on campus, but he did not teach any actual courses on political theory.


jarasan said...

Well, that is his forte, lying for his entire miserable life. FJB

11:54 PM
grwurston said...

How many Pinocchio's is he up to now? Gotta be 6 figures.

12:30 AM
CDanaT said...

I do wonder where this exaggeration on his "stories of Joes woes/self-greatness" comes from?? Is this from wishing he could do great things as a young man and his dementia returns him to that level ??  Jill Biden ought to be ashamed of herself and have her husband that she so dearly cares for, STEP ASIDE and call it a career. BUT as we have seen, the "Weekend @ Joeys" saga continues on.  God help/guide us get through the next 16 months of suffering.

9:19 AM
sully16 said...

Yeah, shame on the family for allowing this embarrassment to continue. greedy soul suckers.

11:02 AM
noise-gate said...

* l was intrigued by that claim as well MD, turns out it�s a Half truth, he served 2 instead of 4 years between VP & getting to run for POTUS. Think l lie? Ask Google & they took me to a site that explained it. So yeah- you posting mis information.

2:21 PM
MADDOG10 said...

NO NG, it's been verified from multiple sources. He spoke on campus but NEVER TAUGHT A CLASS!

6:55 PM
MADDOG10 said...

NG, If the sky was falling, would google take you to a site that said half-truth. The point of the matter, is HE is nothing but a liar period! If you can't except the the truth then put it in your blog. Have a great evening.

6:59 PM
jarasan said...

ng is gutless, he hath no bloggidy blog posts, just a miserable stone throwing trollish thing of no consequence or value.

9:49 PM
noise-gate said...

* Multiple sources such as? Look, it's kinda cute that folks who say " it's true" are also the biggest liars. Do politicians lie- absolutely, especially when they ran. They make all kinds of promises, but if truth be told: Biden's lies are dwarfed by Trump's lies, thing is WE all know it.

* It's a pity we can't compare lies because if we did, one would need an abyss to dredge up " you know who's " lies. I don't think l have ever been in your blog before, seems the welcome mat was pulled out from under me, such is the hostility from your comrades. Oh well, l have experienced worse, and a good night to you Sir.

10:37 PM
CDanaT said...

and the unemployment rate is at 3% under Biden, right ?  Some folks can make things up, repeat them and believe them without verifiable truth.  Looking at the world through liberal world.....NOW a woman (who now claims to be a man) gets pregnant. And the idiots believe that SHE is a man...Yeup folks, THAT is unfortunately the world half this country lives in..............Maddog, their reality is " BUT TRUMP" and that's all they have. Nothing more, no insight, just throw an idea out there, repeat it and claim its fact(like Adam Schiff  and his proof of Russian Collusion that I am STILL waiting to see)

9:41 AM
lakerben said...

Cdanat you continue to  talk jibberish. Smokescreens galore!

4:44 PM
lakerben said...

Cdanat you continue to  talk jibberish. Smokescreens galore!

4:44 PM
CDanaT said...

The 3% comment was made by your #2 of the 3T's there Benji...your right, that quote was worse than jibberish, it was a flat out lie by your you called them/they out... Don't worry about my smokescreens ..unless you have the ability to come with something other than, "But Trump"..which we all know you can't go 5 postings without doing so...But you keep trying cause you are special to all of us.

6:54 PM

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