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Saturday, August 2, 2014

You can best believe...



LottoVantage said...

Yes, definitely!!

4:30 PM
CARBOB said...

MD, the only people not wanting voter ID cards, are the liberals who want every body to vote. That includes illegals, dead people and they want to be able to vote numerous times, in any precinct.

4:34 PM
emilyg said...

+100   = agree

4:49 PM
lejardin said...

I agree also. Doubt we would have Obama in office if we had voter I.D. last election. Well that and getting rid of the George Soros owned vote counting machines.

8:32 PM
jarasan said...

Completely. When I vote in Montgomery County Maryland I am interrogated, name address party affiliation then I have to confirm my info etc.. I don't how people in my county could vote illegally. Years ago I also was sent a nasty letter when I moved from Georgia informing me of the legal ramifications of being registered in 2 states to vote. There was no issue or case of me voting in 2 states because it isn't worth it to begin with for me to do so and I called them and asked them if they had reason to believe I voted in 2 states and they didn't, I think it was some form of intimidation or warning. In that particular scenario an ID would prevent that from happening and easy to prosecute cheaters.

8:40 PM
MADDOG10 said...

I've always been asked for photo ID as well as Drivers license since I've left the Service. INHO, I believe that is the way it should be. Period.

9:28 PM
sully16 said...


11:42 PM

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