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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Telling it Like itis...



sully16 said...

I am going to make a bold prediction, If a Republican is voted in for President, Obama, Holder , Clinton and all the others who will face criminal prosecution for treason, Cause it will all come out in the wash, it's coming, it just has to come at the right time, they will leave the country, and go where they have immunity from extradition.
If Hillary is voted in, her and the rats will continue to run interference in all the investigations.

We live in a country where the IRS was allowed to target Conservatives, Christians, Jews, Many of these groups had the FBI, Homeland Security, CIA, Health Department and many other long arms of the Government sent after them. This tactic was done to instill fear, the threat of Personal Freedom, Financial loss, and well being of family. These people were put through hell.
Sadly, half of our country thinks this is okay, and now it's being blatantly lied about and covered up.
If you don't agree with Obama, your going to get stomped on. How can anyone think this is right, is it some petty feeling of payback? For something these people aren't even responsible for or would even condone?

Now on to foreign affairs, we have faced many evil men, Hitler, Stalin, Bin Laden, During the Cuban Missile crisis, Kennedy did not sent Billions to anyone for the right to negotiate in 4 months.
Why in the name of God, are we sending Billions of dollars to Iran for the right to Negotiate?
This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard of. To me, this makes Obama the most evil man in the world, Iran will use that money, off the backs of hardworking Americans, to build his weapon and kill us with it. Maybe we should just color this ironic and move on. Guess who is not going to be in the country when this happens.

Now on to Benghazi, Help was an hour away, our military was told to stand down, and our leaders lied about it, this is coming out in the wash, this is the big one.
I believe Christopher Stevens was expendable, I think he knew something and had to be gotten rid of, What kind of dirty deal did we make with Libya?
Why do I think this, because 30 other people were left untouched, whisked away and not be allowed to speak. The other 3 who died all were military defending the Place. This was a 6 hour ordeal and 30 people just walked away, if this was about killing Americans, or even the stupid video story, they should have all been killed. I seen the pictures, that place was torn apart.

I have much more, but I am very sad and stressed, For the first time in my life I am really scared for our future, Sometimes I hope my son never has children, so he never has to experience the fear of having them killed by nut jobs, or worse, the Government that is supposed to protect us.

11:13 AM
MADDOG10 said...

And that is the locust effect.   Well said Sully.

11:19 AM
emilyg said...

Sully - agree.

12:16 PM
rcbbuckeye said...

When Ovomit was elected the first time I knew then that it was over. Tis country will never be the same, and I don't mean in a good way either. I also fear for my kids who are grown, and especially my grandkids. I don't see a very good future for them. I hate to be so pessimistic.

12:18 PM
sully16 said...

Well. now on to the illegals, THEY ARE ILLEGAL, They do not have any right to be here or have any rights under our Constitution, Just yesterday, I seen on the news a group of illegals protesting in Washington D.C., fighting for their right to be here, Under our Constitution the do not have the right to Assemble. They should have been arrested and deported.
Now for as long as we have been a country, our Government has turned a blind eye to the migrant workers, they came and picked the fruits and veggies, then went back home for the winter.
If someone wants to come here and work, great, give them a permit and make sure they pay taxes, help pay for the infrastructure they use as well as us.

This is not the case anymore, I grew up in Detroit and not far from where I lived, was place called Delray, a very large Mexican population, most were born here, but many were not, and they were not here to pick fruit, clean houses, or mow lawns. They would squat in some house, as many as 17-27 people, they hooked up electricity, gas and water illegally. We pay for that theft, and there was always a story of some idiot electrocuting himself or starting a fire because of the theft.
Many are drug dealers and gang members, prostitutes or some other illegal activity. They do not help our GDP, I don't care how much pepsi and milk they buy, they don't pay taxes, they don't pay for the infrastructure that ultimately runs into the millions because of them, Police, fire, ambulance, emergency services. The cost to the tax payers for legal services and courts, jails, hospitals. Much like our lifetime welfare award winners, we don't just buy their food and pay their Medicaid, we pay for the infrastructure they have available to them.

Many of the illegals, who mow lawns or pick up scrap metal, they aren't registered businesses and still don't pay taxes and are now getting food stamps and other government handouts. Many have been exploited and used by shady business owners, send them home, problem solved.

Just keep this in mind, much of our food is now coming from China, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, why don't they stay in their own country to pick the food? Because here you get free food and medicine.

Our Government sued the state of Arizona for enforcing our immigration Jap would say...WHATTT!!!

Now we have a situation that is worse then can be imagined, our Prez, signed an executive order promising to grant amnesty, They took an old law that was designed to protect children who were being used as sex slaves and put one hell of a spin on it. That law offers protection to children brought here by people who enslaved them and sold them as sex toys.

Our Government openly invited these people up here, why? Remember, " FAST AND FURIOUS"
There are still a ton of weapons our Government gave to drug dealers and cartels and they are still missing, I bet they are in the country now, our Border agent have been busy changing diapers, How many really bad people came in and what did they bring with them while all this bait and switch has been going on.

I am tired of the flimsy excuse that these kids are from dangerous countries, hell just go to South Chicago, same thing.

What really shows the evil, what really makes the heart sick, these kids were used, by our government for political gain. Saul Aslinsky, right out of the playbook, this is being used to tug at the heartstrings of the middleclass. To divide us and to watch the right hand, while the left hand has allowed God knows who to walk right in.

1:22 PM
sully16 said...

If Obama doesn't want us to be our own country, then we don't F*cking need a President now do we?

1:35 PM
MADDOG10 said...

AMEN, and that I can tell you, comes from the Heart..

2:43 PM

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