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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Look who just put his FOOT in his MOUTH>

At 12:44 PM, onlymoney said…

@ speedy, no matter how much evidence you show, these right wing nut jobs will always save face, but fail miserably in the process. And sometimes when I post facts about an LP member, the administrators delete the FACTS because they don't want that individual to get exposed by other members. This site is operates under a Fascist censoring format. It's futile to post anything of value here.


IS he really that juvenile.?    Yes, I really think he is. To prove a point):


MADDOG10 said...

This has happened on numerous times for articles that no comments were made):

Lifes Journey " Day " 7/27

4 members gave this topic an average rating of 4 out of 5

Member Rating
sully16 5 stars
helpmewin 5 stars
emilyg 5 stars
onlymoney 1 stars

Now mind you, it's not because he only put (1) star as a rating, it's because of his
manner of being spiteful, and the remarks he's put forth.

1:52 PM
MADDOG10 said...

Here's another tidbit to prove he's nothing but a trouble maker from the word go.
He sure changed in a hurry, didn't he? Just another liar among the low informed who thinks he has a right to make statements about others. He'll be another one who will probably peddle his wares somewhere else soon..
Notice on the blog he made, " He doesn't like either " while caressing his agenda...


onlymoneyComment by onlymoney - July 3, 2014, 10:29 am

Your welcome LL. I don't like either party, it's just gets me fumed when uninformed individuals jump on the bandwagon without facts. Here is the direct source. 2006 poll

I willing to bet drenick1 won't admit his/her mistake in telling me to get glasses, especially when I don't even wear

2:37 PM
rcbbuckeye said...

He has the gall to talk about rdgrnr drinking, but he admits he drinks and is a pothead as well.
Simply an adult that acts like a 10 year old and thinks he's funny.

4:21 PM
sully16 said...

Worse, he did that to hurt those of us who miss Ridge dearly, not only was it done to hurt, the coward that he is, went after a man who is not here to defend himself.

5:06 PM
MADDOG10 said...

I know guys, it just goes to show you his character. It won't be long and he'll bite off more than he can chew and it'll be bye-bye.

6:19 PM

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