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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Joke of the Morning..

''Police in Texas seized a shipment of ecstasy pills this week shaped like President Obama's face. The drug is characterized by a brief powerful high followed by a long, slow comedown.'' .



emilyg said...


10:35 AM
MADDOG10 said...

I heard our resident wimp the scholar and his gay blade disciple were trying to cross back into Mexico with those pills and the border patrol let them..LMAO

11:33 AM
jarasan said...

MD those two fruitcakes are nothing, zero, nada. lil' sh1tty and onlydummy (I think is pacattack, joker etc.) are frauds and poseurs, don't have an original thought or idea, they are low class wannabe, blowhard, parasitic, bullsh1t libtards.

4:01 PM

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