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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Holy Moly, this fits to a " T " (Democrats).

The “Intellectuals”

  • College Students, especially those in Ivy Leagues
  • College Professors, especially those in Ivy Leagues
  • Other teachers, education administrators, and education policymakers
  • Journalists and Media personalities

The “Victims of the Democratic Playing Card Deck”

  • African Americans, Latinos, and other “minorities”
  • Senior Citizens
  • The poor and middle class, especially those who live in urban areas
  • Feminists
  • Environmentalists


Now, there are undoubtedly other groups that could be considered key players in the Democratic/liberal movement, but the above are the most often cases you will run into. . For, once again, we must understand their mindsets.


The “Intellectuals”:


The “Intellectuals” are an interesting group of people. They’re typically your academics, people who have very strong academic accomplishments, or believe that they do (these can be interchanged). They often think of themselves as smart people, and associate with like-minded “smart people.” They’re especially found in Ivy League colleges, though this phenomenon easily exists in non-Ivy League schools as well. It extends beyond just the college and university scene, however; other education institutions have similar groups, and the media is full of such people.


These people are usually fairly responsible, fairly intelligent, and are going in a good direction in life- at least academically. However, all of them fall victim to one trap: they believe that everyone else is just as responsible and intelligent as them. Thus, they fall into an ideological world view, which believes that everything can be perfect, and that cases of “human nature” such as greed simply do not exist. (This explains why far left liberals supported communism- they thought people would be happy with “to each according to their need”…clearly, that did not work)


These people believe that things like abortion should be legal, because people will be responsible with it, and not take advantage of it. These people believe that drugs should be legalized, for the same reasons. These people believe that children should be exposed to sex and violence (including things that can be seen as the promotion of them), because children would be responsible with such matters. These people do not think things on television and mass media should be regulated, thinking that all people are responsible enough to handle indecent material. They believe all criminals can be “rehabilitated” and become responsible like them, and thus they oppose things like the death penalty. The list goes on and on, but the key thing you must know about these people: they’re frequently not in touch with reality itself- they’re like bookworms. They don’t realize the problems in the world for what they really are, but think they do.


Therefore, they fall victim to an ideological world view which simply does not work in reality: liberalism.

Everything these intellectuals do now has been done before, in essence: Karl Marx once presented an ideological leftist world view. It didn’t work, but it sure sounded great when he presented his ideology. What looks good on paper may not look good in reality, and that is one thing the “intellectual left” does not understand.


These people also fundamentally believe they are right, and will refuse to argue with anyone who they think is of “less merit” than them; they’re very elitist to a sense, and therefore blindly hold to their ideology despite any arguments thrown at them. It is Ivy League arrogance, journalistic elitism, and whatever else you can name, at its finest.


The “Victims of the Democratic Playing Card Deck”


This group makes up the core of the voting element as far as the Democratic Party goes, and thus helps the most to promote the liberal cause. These are the people who think they’ve been wrong or disadvantaged, or have been told that they’ve been wronged or disadvantaged. They’re also being told that the opposing parties (Republicans and conservatives) are out to wrong them and disadvantage them even further.


These are the things commonly referred to as “playing the race/age/gender/class card.” This is used VERY often by liberals, so get ready to hear a lot of it. It works, it is effective, and this second group of people- the victims- falls for it very easily. As a result, they become slaves of the liberal mindset.


Look no further than how the Democrats try to scare African Americans into believing that Republicans are “holding them down”, how the Democrats try to scare middle class Americans into thinking Republicans are “hurting the middle class,” and how the Democrats try to scare women into thinking Republicans are “against their rights.” Democrats also frequently try to scare Senior Citizens into thinking Republicans want to “destroy Social Security.” Look at the key words mentioned in these accusations; against,holding down, hurting, destroying.


In essence, it is fear mongering targeted at certain groups of people in society, and it works. These Democrats and liberals attempt to spin the issues into backing up this fear mongering, and people listen to it. And as a result, this entire second group is formed- the “victims” of the Democratic Playing Card Deck.


These people often do not know much about the issues, especially as far as fact and reality goes. What they DO think they know, however, is that Republicans and conservatives are completely against them and trying to hold them down (or their issue) in general. They believe the way they do, because of the total spin and fear mongering they hear from Democratic and liberal leaders. They then go out and vote for these said Democrats, and become strong liberals, mostly out of fear and loathing of the other side- values instilled into them. Furthermore, they become very likely to start calling conservatives “bigots” and “racists” because of the lies that the liberal left has drilled into their heads.


Drenick1 said...

I agree, good one Maddog.

6:53 PM
sully16 said...

Thanks Maddog, been nice not being at work, I deal with the victims, and they sure let you know it when they want extra.

7:40 PM
Coin Toss said...

Good find MADDOG, good post.

Brings to mind the physics professor who told two of the university's baseball players a curve ball doesn't curve, it's just an optical illusion.

So before the game that night they invited the professor to step into the batter's box. The pitcher wound up and threw the ball, the professor just knew it was going to hit him right in the ear so he dove out of the box and into the dirt and the ump yelled, "STRIKE!".

The catcher said, "Want to get back in the batter's box, Professor Illusion?"

The pitcher, catcher and ump all laughed as the professor walked away shaking his head.

7:41 PM
emilyg said...

Good read.

9:36 AM
reddog said...

Fits Speedo and Buttluv to a tee.

10:57 PM

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