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Monday, April 15, 2019


When You Troll ...

After he first took office, I was annoyed at him Tweeting all the time, but then realized that's a way to make a statement without having to answer any questions, a "mini press conference".

I did give a quick glance at an article that said sending the illegals to sanctuary cities would make it harder to get them out of the country and I wouldn't deny that, but *most* of us know Trump was, in fact, trolling.

Sarah S. is pretty good at trolling, too. The left is outraged at her comment that Congress isn't smart enough to understand Trump's tax returns but all they got is "She's a fat cow." Funny, but I never heard them say anything like that towards the defeated candidate for GA gov., you? Sarah might have a double chin, but Abrams has more chins than a Chinese phone book.
Thanks Mike. His tweeting never bothered me because I felt it was 1000x better than listening to hillary's screeching. In fact a screech owl would be much less irritating on the ears.

I'm glad Sarah handed it back. I agree with her statement if congress can't figure out that Pres Trump was spied on and there was an attempted coup, then they sure can't figure out something as complex as his tax returns. I read that the returns are being audited by the IRS right now and while under audit they're not going to be released to anyone.
lol lol lol, he boxed them in. lol lol lol
If Hillary had been elected, we would have already been in a war she started just to prove her (symbolic) testicles were as big as any man's.

I thank the Heavens every day that she lost the election. I was no fan of Trump, but with all his faults, he's 1000x better than her.   It's shameful that he is accused of so much that isn't true, but I'm convinced if the media had put even a fraction of the scrutiny on her as they have Trump, she'd already be in prison.
Thanks Sully. Yep he sure did. Illegals are fine for the rest of us, but not for them. Oh my that speaks volumes doesn't it?
Thanks Mike. Yep would have been at war, overrun from our southern border and maybe terrorists bringing the war full fledged to our soil.

If Q is correct, the Pres has people working with him who are strategically unwinding all the wrongs that have been set into motion to tank us. Pres Trump symbolizes a movement backed by those patriots. I admire his tenacity in the face of slander, defamation, attempts to block his legislation and to outright overthrow him. It's not about a single person but the commitment of a dedicated group of white hats bent on draining the swamp. I've set his personality aside and looked deeper at progress made, history being written.
Appreciate that konane

The country is in active, if volatile recovery, thanks to our President Trump
Thanks Eddessa. He and those working in his administration are bringing us back from the jaws of the bottomless abyss.
Just maybe the next time the next Black Democratic Presidential Candidate will not be from Chicago. The last one is responsible for all the turmoil. I saw Maxine Waters, another dumba$$ Democrat, showing her intelligence when she asked the Bank CEO's if they could help with student loans. The reply to her was a classic answer. Maxine Waters Gets a Reminder That the Government Funded the Student Loan Crisis, Not Big Banks
Thanks CARBOB. The push for a one world government is behind the upside down backwards rhetoric being spewed from the mouths of candidates now. It's like an extended version of the old "Murphy's Law" adage.
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