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Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Starbucks' Howard Schultz: America Exists for Immigrants, Not Americans

Welcome to today's Democrat party.  Estimates are there are better than 21 million illegals. Wonder what the payoff is?

Starbucks’ Howard Schultz: America Exists for Immigrants, Not Americans

"Starbucks investor Howard Schultz wants to get elected president and to amnesty at least 11 million illegal migrants in the United States...."

A country, region or area can be claimed to be theirs by population density. Hey this land is ours not yours.
Europeans overpopulated the Native Americans.
California was claimed by Americans. Over populated the French and Mexicans.
Americans from California and other parts of America claimed Texas from Mexico. Overpopulated the Mexicans.
Alaska and the Louisiana purchase were paid for with money.
California, Arizona and New Mexico could be taken over by Mexico if over populated by Mexicans and South Americans.
It is all a land grab by population.
The EU keeps importing Muslims they may lose their countries.
We can also lose our government as we know it with all these new radicals elected to federal office.
Another nut job.
Just like the sgt. Schultze on Hogans Heroes "I zee nothing!"
Thanks JAP. Brilliant observations. Your second post - We got a sample of that during obamas rule.
Thanks Sully. Lower paid employees, more profit.
Thanks Jarasan. Another out of touch rich liberal.
He's already got the lefties in a tizzy; Rob "Meathead" Reiner and Cher "Autotune" have both come out and begged him to reconsider a third party run, saying he would siphon away votes from any Democrat candidate. He countered that he could get an equal number of Republicans to defect, too. I kinda doubt that. Other celebs are concerned, too.

I've never been to a Starbucks in my life, btw, never even seen one. I did buy a lb. of their coffee beans from the store after I bought a French press. Good grief, it made Folgers seem like a gourmet blend. I'd rather drink dollar store instant coffee. He's either a genius for convincing people to overpay for his black swill or it's that hipsters will tolerate a bad cup of coffee just to be "in".
Thanks Mike. I can not remember purchasing Starbucks coffee ever. Like you I'm not into paying big bucks for a cup of coffee when I can get a 3 lb can of Kirkland (Costco) for around $11.00. Excellent flavor, aroma and has caffeine.
My fav. coffee is "Death Wish" which touts itself as having the most caffeine and after drinking my first cup of it, would agree. It's terribly pricey, though: $15/lb. on Amazon.

While Shultz is a liberal, he's certainly a capitalist and doesn't seem to hate America; he's just misguided and wrong on immigration.

I've read figures that put the # of illegals at twice that many, maybe even more. I think I've got 21 million living in my immediate neighborhood. <wink>
Thanks Mike. 21 million plus is likely correct.
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