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Saturday, September 29, 2018


The Week In Pictures: Justice Kavanaugh Edition

If easily triggered these are guaranteed to do just that. For the rest of us who have thick hides, enjoy. Big Grin


The picture of her with Strzok, sums it up.
Think about it, she has several degrees, and she's playing dumb and helpless.
Not trusting her a bit.
Thanks Sully. I'm not sure how she normally speaks but she's a bit old and well educated to sound like a little girl. I did not watch her entire testimony so what I'm saying may not be accurate for the entire testimony.
The first time I heard her voice I thought "Hey, that's Betty Boop!"

That's a great collection of comics and were - as you say - "right over the target".

I'm a little angry at some of Truesee's articles. I went to the sites and read them and the one "Brett Kavanaugh Showed Why He's Unfit For The Court " is really stretching the "unfit" charge, saying just that he had worked on the Clinton impeachment team and some other immaterial accusations.

Fine, if the Dems don't like him, then they're sure not going to like Amy Barret, but if they try to slander her, THEN we'll see how American women react.
Thanks Mike. I wonder if she lectures in the Betty Boop voice? I think women who have sons are looking at this circus for what it is, and will hopefully show their displeasure at the polls.
Well, I read an article earlier that claims that 19% of Republican women have turned against him since the charges were first brought forth. I don't know, though...leery of polls and have been for a long time and this last run-up to the Presidential election sure made me mistrust them even more.

The "Me Too" on Teddy Kennedy's submerged car wasn't funny, but angered me about that entire scandal for about the 1458th time. I simply cannot believe that dirty rat b*stard not only got off practically scott-free, he kept being elected and was even called "The Lion of the Senate". The lyin' rat b*stard, more like it. He suckered the U.S. taxpayer for over $4 billion dollars for the boondoggle called "The Big Dig", but thankfully that's "only" a little over a quarter of it's total cost.

One of the worst things was how he was an early champion of alternative energy, yet wouldn't let them erect offshore wind turbines near his Cape Cod home, the hypocrite. It was on my bucket list to dance on his grave, but he somehow was buried in Arlington (b/c of having two brothers who served), so that's out.

I've never despised another politician as much as I did him...and still do. Maxine Waters is a saint compared to him.
"its" total cost. Sheesh.
Thanks Mike. If those women are paying attention to the Kavanaugh circus they can connect the logical dots in the play book being used. Good description of Ted Kennedy.
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