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Wednesday, September 5, 2018


"It's All Gone" - New Jersey Couple Spent Homeless Vet's $400k GoFundMe Cash

Very sad situation.

"It's All Gone" - New Jersey Couple Spent Homeless Vet's $400k GoFundMe Cash

They are probably demoncRAT socialists.........
Thanks Jarasan. I'll try to follow it to see what info comes out. They truly should be ashamed of themselves at the very least.
This is a horrible story. Shame on them.
Thanks Lejardin. Yes massive shame. I wonder what they're going to be charged with?

Todd's rules precludes me from being very descriptive with what I believe would be an appropriate punishment for them, plus what I would propose is against the law, but let me just say it would include hanging upside down and a big stick...or at least a big leather paddle. 30 days of that, an hour a day, would be good, I think and I would also televise it as a deterrent.

Thanks Mike. I am not an attorney and have no legal background, however wonder if this situation will fall under theft by conversion? I'm always astounded how someone feels they have the right to another person's personal property.
Well, I had to go look that up and it seems to me this case would fit that to a "T". I think it would be felony fraud, esp. with the money involved.

I gave some money to a "Wounded Vietnam Veterans" booth outside of the grocery store some years back. After I had forked over five bucks, I asked the man what his MOS was and he didn't know what I was talking about. Hmmm....I then asked him where he was stationed while there and his "Oh, all over..."I then asked him how he had been wounded and he told me "By some scrap metal." He was close to "shrapnel" I guess.

I got home, called the local head of the V.A. (I knew him) and told him about it and he was out the door before he hung up! Long story short, the "wounded veteran" spent a few days in the local pokey.

I was on my way to work one day, stopped to get a newspaper before my shift when I worked part time at a liquor store while going back to school. There was a guy in the parking lot, begging for money, said he was hungry so I reached into my console, dug out all the change I had (it was before payday and I was broke) and gave him all that was in there, close to three bucks in dimes, nickels and quarters, telling him they had a great special at the convenience store on corn dogs and a big soda. He blessed me and I went on my way, down the few blocks to the liquor store.

About fifteen min. later he came in, wanting the most vodka he could have for the change he dumped out on the counter. Furious, I gave him a half pint, took what it cost and shoved the rest back at him, reminding him I was the one who had given him the money. I told him to skeedaddle before I either called the cops or slammed his head on the counter, I was that angry.

I told that story in here and some bleeding heart actually took up for him, saying it was his money to do with what he wanted and I got nearly as angry as I did back then, telling them he had lied, telling me he was hungry, that I did not support other people's bad habits and addictions and that people like that keep people like me from being generous in the future.

Anyway....not sure there's a Hell, but if there is, there's an extra warm corner for people like that and those in in that article.
Thanks Mike. Someone I knew several years back said when someone asks him for money for food he buys them a hamburger or whatever happens to be handy. If they refuse the food then you know they're scamming.
Badddddd Karma coming to them.
Thanks Sully. Yep and well deserved.
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