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Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Illegal Immigrant Arrested In Serial Murders


"A serial killer who attacked homeless men with a baseball bat has terrorized Los Angeles, killing three and leaving others in critical condition. On Monday, Ramon Escobar  was arrested  for the baseball bat murders. It sounds as though he likely committed additional murders in Houston, as well as other violent crimes.

Escobar is an illegal immigrant who was deported multiple times and released by ICE under Obama administration guidelines, despite six felony convictions: "

I wanted to comment on this, but needed to calm down first. I will say this:

I hope CA allows extradition to Texas and lets us try him first. If the evidence is there...and it sounds as though it is...I'd hope the good people of Harris County would do their civic duty and give him the ultimate punishment...something I'm often a little loathe to say, but in this case it would be fitting.

Of course, he'd languish in jail for at least 20 more yrs. and the Pope would plead for his life and make some comments about how all life is precious (but not a word about the victims) and the Mexican president would want to save face and would condemn Texas for being barbaric. There's a death penalty in Mexico; it's called "looking sideways at a cartel member".

"Deported multiple times".   That wouldn't fly if I were in charge, at least not after the first repeat offense; you'd be able to very easily pick him out of a crowd. What I'd do isn't that cruel, either...the cattle don't seem to suffer all that much from it. Whether it would be "unusual" would be open to interpretation.
Thanks Mike. He's from El Salvador so the Pope may plead for his life but hope our justice system prevails. It seems since he's an illegal who has been deported, the feds could seize him and take him to the jurisdiction he's charged in and hold him until trial.
I did not see where he was from or just zipped right past that. I just assumed it. Stereotyping is never a good thing, Mea Culpa. Still, since the majority of illegals come from Mexico, it's normally a safe bet.

I don't know about the Feds getting involved. Of course, they can step in whenever they feel like it,warranted or not, but it seems to me as though this sort of thing is generally left up to the state where the crime occurred.

The blogs are quiet this afternoon. I know several of us who frequent them are retired or at home for most of the day but I don't remember them ever being so devoid of activity. Maybe everyone is glued to the hearing? Not me, just wake me up when it's all over.
Thanks Mike. They're going to do what they're going to do so like you wake me when it's over. Sometimes it's too painful to watch the left make fools of themselves.
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