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Friday, April 27, 2018


LAPD Officer Arrested For Trying To Smuggle Immigrants Across Border

Naughty    Interesting. 

LAPD Officer Arrested For Trying To Smuggle Immigrants Across Border

Another left winger undermining the law but this one also betrays the community law he was sworn to protect

Oh California!
Thanks Eddessa. I found it sad and hope if there are others they're also caught.
Wonder how much money the smuggled paid him.
Thanks Sully. Good question. I wonder if these were the only ones, also if there are other law enforcement doing the same thing. Not implying there are, just wondering.
Back in 2008, I really liked Duncan Hunter, a Republican congressman from CA. He is very conservative (even though he's now out of politics and I believe his son now holds his seat) He was responsible for actually getting the wall built along CA's southern border and it reduced the influx of illegals something like ten-fold. Of course, the leftists hated him and called him heartless, etc.

The ironic thing is that his brother was head of an unofficial group that went out into the desert and left caches of food and water for the illegals, the ones who had managed to get over/around/through the fence. Many had been dying of exposure until then.

One of my neighbors passed away this last fall and one of her sons was up to visit several times while she was ...well, fading away....and he's a border guard down in S. Texas. He said they pick up tons of trash and have to cover up piles of excrement but he also said they find discarded clothes, shoes, etc. but he was alarmed that there were also quite a few Muslim prayer rugs.

Alarmed me too. I don't mean to sound racist, but I have Mexican friends who are different shades of brown, with varying facial features.   Some show some of their Indian or Aztec heritage, seems like, while others with mustaches look very Arabic, at least to me.   You never know, huh?
Thanks Mike. Scary stuff. We need the wall and we need to follow the law as far as vetting before allowing people to just walk right in.
Mike, Do appreciate this reality input and acculturating evidence of of what's actually happening in the seemingly desert empty quarter -    clearly more happening then just coyotes howling at the moon :-)
Thanks Eddessa. America's been for sale for at least 8 years if not much longer, no wonder the borders are like a sieve.
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