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Saturday, December 29, 2018


Watch Epic Meltdown By Vape Shop Employee Triggered By Trump-Supporting Customer

Video in this article contains language strong enough to make a longshoremen blush. Behavior of employee is similar to many we've seen in hate-Trump videos so off the rails. 

Management has issued a sincere apology to the customer plus fired the employee. Maybe since he's on video other potential employers might let him live jobless in his mom's basement awhile longer.

Watch Epic Meltdown By Vape Shop Employee Triggered By Trump-Supporting Customer

Good grief, that is a textbook example of "triggered". I suspect that's how one of our resident LP leftists is acting while posting his *xxxx*** *xxx*** Nazi ****s bigoted *xxxers and your orange man Fuehrer Trumpanzee!!!! unhinged rants. I've seen three yr. old children with more emotional composure than that.

Anybody who has ever worked in and for the public in a job like that knows that, while your boss might sign your check, the customers pay your wages.

I may have to go watch the video again, turn on captions b/c I did not understand what the black guy was saying.

Did the clerk slap at the guy, make contact with him? That's when I would have lost my cool.
karma will make his brain explode soon enough, specially after that episode jejejej
sadder still is what has become the modern definition of a democrat

Thanks Mike. I watched it last night and was appalled by the clerk's attitude and verbal abuse. I'm unsure as to whether the clerk struck the customer. I also could not understand what the African-American customer said. They both obviously wanted to buy and pay for something and go home but nooooooo. SMH
Thanks Hearsetrax. I'm sad it happened in Georgia. I've lived here all my life but never seen such behavior. It's sad but if that temperament isn't brought under control he may find himself in front of a judge.
Ginger idiot. 2 much #me2 has made that ginger an insane idiot.
Thanks Jarasan. I hope he finds help. Still shaking my head over his toddler hissyfit.
The other customer was quietly urging the clerk to just sell the guy what he wanted.

I went around and looked at the comments on various websites which had posted the video and on the Guardian(UK) site even most of the Brits commenting were appalled. However, a few people were applauding the clerk for "standing up to evil". They, and the clerk, are those people who wear Che Guevara shirts, though.

One idiot said this was merely the result of the festering hate fostered by Trump's rhetoric, the reason for the divide in this country today. I wanted to create an account only to ask them where the hell they had been the previous eight yrs. before Trump took office. To be fair, it wasn't so much Obama that urged the left to confront those on the right, but Hillary, Pelosi, Boxer and a multitude of leftist Hollywood celebs. Of course, Obama is now making some incendiary remarks and that and the speech from the others have encouraged these types of public verbal attacks, harassment and physical violence against Trump supporters.
The ginger needs to get laid, that is obvious.
Thanks Mike. That's what it appeared so thanks for clarifying. Incendiary remarks are typical of a communist movement. If the means justifies then ends. Sad.
Thanks Jarasan. Who would other than a an inflatable companion?
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