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Saturday, November 3, 2018


The Week In Pictures: Election Eve Edition

Trigger warning.  For the rest of us enjoy. ROFL

Botox Green laugh.


As usual, they were all funny but coincidentally, just a few weeks back I watched a video about political messages in films and the Carpenter 1988 flick "They Live"* was mentioned as being an anti-Reagan movie.

*Parodied in the graphic about Ben & Jerry's Resist ice cream.

I guess it wasn't obvious to me because I thought it a fairly good "B" sci-fi movie, nothing more. I liked it b/c of the lovely Meg Foster being in it, she with the surreal light blue eyes. I saw her a yr. or so ago in an episode of "Baskets" and would not have recognized her but for those eyes.

The one about the vaccines is morbidly funny, but also sad.

I don't watch it, but I recently read that Game of Thrones is a metaphor for climate change. Everyone else can fear Global Warming if they like, but my old bones parked here in the Texas Panhandle certainly tell me "Winter is coming." (also a parody in those graphics)

The Bernie Sanders ones were hilarious and Clock Boy is always good for a chuckle. What did he get out of cobbling together clock parts and putting them in a "pencil box", knowing full well it resembled a bomb? A scholarship to M.I.T. or some other prestigious university, right? I hope he fails big-time.
Thanks! The awkward moment few will see it right away. Maybe.
Making a list and checking it twice, lol lol lol lol
Thanks Mike. My take on climate change is that Mother Nature is in charge and weather happens. If we're worried about global warming then plant trees. They produce that oxygen one of those cartoons referenced.

Our solar system is supposed to be traveling in a sector of our universe which has a lot of radioactivity of a type which may be affecting our sun and weather.

Suspicious0bservers has a lot of videos about how our own sun affects weather and has some compelling arguments to that effect. He has great videos.
Thanks Jarasan. I had to look at it a few times to see her hand was holding the soldering iron too low. I've done a teeny bit of board soldering in the past, and one touch on that hot rod imprints the brain to remember how to hold it.
Thanks Sully. I liked that one very much also.
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