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Monday, November 19, 2018


Jim Acosta Breaks Silence, Says His Career Is Done

Coulda stuck a fork in him a long time ago imho. I've been impressed by his demeanor and conduct that he's a rude activist not someone trying to find out news he can report.

Swan song, poor dear. He'll eventually recover from his butthurt when he grows up.

Jim Acosta Breaks Silence, Says His Career Is Done

“I have always endeavored to conduct myself as a diligent but respectful reporter who asks probing but fair questions,” Acosta wrote.

“The revocation of my White House press credential not only destroys my ability to perform my current job, it will follow me for the rest of my career. My reputation and my future career prospects have all been significantly harmed if not completely devastated.”

Acosta wrote that he and his family have had to take “additional security measures” after receiving death threats “regularly, aimed at my work covering the President.” ...."

And he has no one to blame but himself.

Oh death threats? Like most conservatives deal with almost daily?
This is me playing "My Heart Bleeds P*ss For You" on the world's smallest violin. (rubs two fingers together)

That's better as a visual. <grin>

Many people don't know the press room is built above an old swimming pool put in for FDR. When a reporter wants to ask the President a question, they should be made to stand on a trap door directly in front of him and if the reporter is rude, then a push of the button sends them down the chute into the pool.

I thought at first it should be filled with acid or boiling oil, but the fumes would probably kill everyone up above it. No, fill it full of ice cold water, that should teach 'em a lesson.

I think Acosta is setting the stage for a civil rights violation lawsuit against the President. I also don't think he's had ANY death threats or been hassled. That's the left's M.O.
Career? Since when is being an a$$ho1e a career? Kinda like the leftist lemmings that spew lies and hate here at LP, they think are doing some kind of service.
And there are others like him who do it in a manner that looks like respect.
Chris Wallace is one of them.
Thanks Lejardin. You're right he did it to himself.
Thanks Mike. Good visual, about sums it up. I knew that room once had another purpose, so providing space for the press is a privilege not a right as they like to cry out. I'd be happy with an electronic bulletin going to news organizations and being put online for the public to verify accuracy of reporting, as opposed to media posturing.
Thanks Jarasan. Refuting something with facts not reasoning based solely on emotion is good spirited debate. I'm always happy to have someone add a link to flesh out something more fully. The more information we can get out there the better off we all are.

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” ― Socrates
Wonky formatting with copy and pastes is annoying.

Quote: When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser. ― Socrates :End Quote
Thanks JAP. It's all part and parcel of the DS trying to undermine and potentially overthrow a duly elected president. We the people voted and the electoral college per US Constitution followed our will. Period.

Manners never go out of style but when the ends justify the means they simply become actors trying to sway public opinion by the use of emotional rudeness. Tools.
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