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Monday, November 5, 2018


Georgia 2018: Abrams owes more than $50K to IRS

Georgia governor's salary:  Salary: $139,339 

Georgia 2018: Abrams owes more than $50K to IRS

"Democrat Stacey Abrams owes more than $50,000 to the Internal Revenue Service and about $170,000 more in credit card and student loan debt, according to personal financial disclosure documents the candidate for governor released this week. ...."

I wouldn't particularly hold her CC debt against her; most of us have "overcharged" at some point in our lives. I would also need to know the details of her student loan debt; if she's making payments and not in default, I don't see anything wrong with that, either. It's the IRS financial details that concern* me the most. That's pretty serious and if she can't manage her personal finances any better than that, then what would make anyone think she could do better than those of an entire state?

* "concern" as in the context of a bystander without any standing in the matter. I would HOPE Georgia does the right thing and reject this candidate, but whatever they decide, it's their decision to make.
Thanks Mike. I realize you "don't have a dog in the fight here" (southern saying with deep southern drawl) like I don't have one in the Texas race. Like you I hope voters are paying attention to facts instead of being swept away with emotion which both races are hoping.

Obama's campaigns were won using smoke and mirrors, people got caught up with emotion. I hope they learned the folly in doing that.
I guess I never paid any attention to your profile; most people don't have much personal information on theirs. (I keep my birthday secret b/c that's one bit of information that can be used to steal your identity) Anyway, didn't know until just now you live in Georgia. I used to roughneck with a guy from there and loved to listen to his wife talk, it was like honey to my ears.

I don't blame you for being concerned; if you are, then I will be too! I just try to not get too involved in other state's "bidness" b/c I don't like it when someone who isn't a Texan criticizes what WE do. People should sweep around their own door first, THEN they can whine about something we do here.

I've already had it out on YouTube and in other forums with those non-Texans who LOVE Beto. Idiots. If he had an "R" behind his name on the ballot, THEN all his past would suddenly become an issue.
Thanks Mike. Many were enamored when obama ran the first time but I called BS on the whole thing. Some are easily convinced by a slick presentation, and suspect that gullibility may translate into them being taken advantage of in real life. Who could have less than a glitzy presentation with enormous funds in their coffer?

My motto when it looks too good to be true (too staged, too slick, too scripted) then that should be a clue something isn't right. Time to stand back and look at it objectively, critically.
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