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Sunday, November 11, 2018


DHS to Continue to Look Into Voter Fraud

DHS to Continue to Look Into Voter Fraud

"WHEN PRESIDENT  Donald Trump  dissolved an  embattled  White House committee investigating allegations that millions voted illegally in the 2016 election, he blamed its failure on the resistance of blue-state elections officials to hand over sensitive voter data.

"Despite substantial evidence of voter fraud, many states have refused to provide the [Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity] with basic information relevant to its inquiry," according to a White House statement announcing the decision Wednesday.

In his executive order, however, Trump didn't shut down the investigation or acknowledge that voter fraud is a non-issue, as his critics had demanded. Instead, he turned the investigation over to the Department of Homeland Security, a cabinet-level agency that has access to much of the data the commission requested but couldn't get from the states......."

With the current system of voting I no longer trust the voting results in this country. Need serious changes to the system.
We can see the shenanigans going on with the current elections around the country. Finding ballots not counted. Those provisional ballots are a joke. Early voting paper ballots are seriously abused. All this getting registered to vote by this and that way.

The demonRATS are the Russians! The GD cheating left must be destroyed!
And the Dems want to keep investigating Trump for colluding with the Russians... It's them that keep trying to rig the elections. Whatever happened to, "You just have to accept the results?"
What a bunch of phonies!!!
I am with totally with JAP69 & above.

We are immersed in a uncivil war with the neo communists as the left continues it's unrelenting march to disparage our old heroes, tearing down Judeo/Christian monuments, purge Christianity from schools; and are totally against anti American and Anti Christian values :-(

Thanks JAP. I agree on all counts and would like to see a national ID tied to citizenship.
Thanks Jarasan. Yep accuse Republicans of being what they in fact are or are doing.
Thanks Grwurston. We've all accepted results we didn't agree with. Put our big person pants on and kept on going.
Thanks Eddessa. Yep communism with a face lift but the same old tired hag underneath.
I see the troll is blaming the President for sowing bad seeds. The bad seeds appointed by Obama he completed ignored as always. The Judge overseeing Ga Governors race is a bad seed.
I see the troll is blaming the President for sowing bad seeds. The bad seeds appointed by Obama he completed ignored as always. The Judge overseeing Ga Governors race is a bad seed.
Sorry for double post!!
Thanks CARBOB. Sometimes double posts happen because of internet hiccups.

I don't know anything about the judge but the mere fact she's Stacy Abrams sister should automatically be grounds for recusal. I would imagine someone will move for exactly that. However let's see if she has the integrity to do that herself or will our recount look something out of Boss-Hogsville.
She was appointed by OBAMA for a purpose!!!
Thanks CARBOB. And they thought Hillary would never lose, so business as usual back then.
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