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Friday, November 11, 2016


"Trump did Hillary a favor by winning election

Bernie was a far more popular candidate than Hillary so it's tragic she managed to steal the nomination from him. Both Bernie and Trump spoke to the concerns of Americans. From my perspective Trump's proposals are much more practical so would never have voted for Bernie.

Hillary's blind ambition and greed got her to where she is today. Period.


"Trump did Hillary a favor by winning election

Peter Lucas

"Bill Clinton just took a pay cut.

Who's going to pay him now? And for what?

The Cash & Carry Clintons have crashed......

.....The people not only rallied behind Trump but they voted against Obama by refusing to grant him a third term by electing Clinton. Now Obama, on the way out the door, has no one to watch his back.

Despite what the media say and write about Obama and his so-called legacy, the majority of the people in the country know his presidency has been an abject failure. Hillary Clinton was part of that failure.

Obama and Clinton were turning the country into Brazil, even selling off 50 percent of the country's uranium to the Russians through a complicated deal that was approved by the Obama administration when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

With the Clintons, it always was about the money.

That disgraceful pay-for-play deal began with a Bill Clinton visit to Kazakhstan with Canadian investor Frank Giustra of Uranium One, which owned uranium mines in the U.S.

Uranium is used in the making of nuclear weapons and is considered a strategic asset. Russia did not have any so it wanted ours. So the Russians bought Giustra's company in a deal that was approved by Hillary Clinton's State Department.

Giustra got so rich he donated $31 million to the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton, even got a $500,000 speaking fee from a Moscow bank tied to the deal....."

Good article, if I remember correctly the klintocks transferred $1 Billion + to the Bank of Qatar Oct 17,2016 they will be OK unless......, I believe they should go to jail and the $1billion should be returned to help with the deficit.
This really shows just How Treacherous a Clinton Presidency would have been. She has undermined the very roots of the Constitution and Democracy as a whole. She was nothing but a Wolf in Sheep's clothing. Smile in your Face, then Stab you in the Back and say it was suicide. America Prevailed...!
Thanks Jarasan. Read same but isn't Qatar a non-extradition nation? If so the money might not be able to be clawed back in the event of a conviction.
Thanks Maddog. I think we all realized that the legacy media has been complicit in the coverup so their fate as far as declining viewership is going to be interesting.

Likely more facts will be revealed and they're going to be ugly.
Just look at how the Clintons diverted attention from themselves and tried to convince America that Trump and Putin were good buddies.
Sadly, many fell for it.
Thanks Sully. Yep typical keep walking nothing to see here. Anything to divert attention away from them.
Good read. Thank you konane.
Thank you Em. :)

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