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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


"Top 7 insane homeowners association rules


"Top 7 insane homeowners association rules

The mere fact that an HOA has that kind of power is disgusting!
Thanks Truecritic! What astounds me is people give HOA's that kind of power by buying into those planned communities.
Since the courts do not want to use common sense in the cases against homeowners, they'll wait until someone goes postal, then they'll say" I wonder why" ?
The owner/renters in these places need to vote for persons that have a little common sense..
little socialist communities.
Thanks Maddog! With the foreclosure rate looks like banks are owners of a lot of them. We know how much gumption they have.
Thanks Sully! An interesting experiment I'm happy to have NEVER wanted to participate in.
I was surprised to learn that the Constitution doesn't allow you to do whatever (legally) you want to do in your own house, as with the smoking issue is concerned.......... What?...

They need to make an amendment to whatever specific law that applies within the Constitution in order for the document to be updated so the American folks can live without outdated laws. Certain things should never ever be changed, like Free Speech, The right to assemble, and so on, but times change, and what was reasonable back then may not be now. I have a hard time even believing that is true.

It's one thing to have fundamental laws that serve humanity the best way possible. It's another to have old laws that apply directly and specifically to behaviors and definitions that are ever changing with time.

It really doesn't matter. The Gestapo has already infiltrated our lives with inconvenience, surveillance, entry without a warrant based on a bogus threat designed by the Elite, and worse.

Thanks Joker! Excellent points if your suggestions can be done to serve all without being motivated by agenda.
There shouldn't be any agenda when it deals with privacy. It's your home, and anything that's done Legally in your home should be their business. No agendas. Simple.

You're right though. The system may be too corrupt to ever get a level player. I feel the inevitable overcomes any hope of change. The Elite have the last word.
Thanks Joker! Well people seem to be evolving politically according to Brzenski (sp). That's got to have the Elite very concerned because they can't hide their plans anymore.
Isn't the whole point of ownership to do as you please? The monthly fees they charge are outrageous too.
Thanks TigerAngel! Something like quiet enjoyment of your own private property. Yes in my opinion they are.
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