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Sunday, August 1, 2010


"Citizens Vs. the Political Class

"Citizens Vs. the Political Class

July 30, 2010 Posted by John at 8:36 PM

I've heard and read the political class refered to as the 'ruling class'. This govt. freight train needs to be derailed ASAP, do not give up or feel like it is over! We are going to start in NOV. 2010 this will be a turning point, GANGSTAPUPPETOTUSPOS must be defeated by changing control of the houses and reversing this fascist agenda! The govt. must not expand any more! You like the idea of another 20,000 IRS agents or that flow chart RickG put on his blog? Of course not.
Thanks Jarasan! Looks like political complacency of the past 35 years is finally ending. Next several elections are highly important.
They will have you believe that the working class are awful oppressors.
Thanks Sully! If the working class is so awful then the taxes paid by the working class must be awful too.
I don't think fixed elections for the lesser of two evils is the solution. How many times will they trade power back and forth every two years before the citizens finally realize the whole system has been corrupted. These people are all against the citizen no matter what capital letter comes after their name.
Great comment Rick G, "These people are all against the citizen no matter what capital letter comes after their name".

I couldn't agree more!!
Thanks Rick! Seems it's been that way a very long time but there's always hope things can change.
Thanks LottoVantage! Recent years we're seeing self interest (both parties) in full view, and it isn't pretty.
Did any of you see the vote tallies? Believe it not, the letter after makes a diff. true conservatives listen to their constituents, not the rinos,   but true constitutinalists, that is what we need badly. You have idiots like Lindsey Grahamnesty of SC voting yes for Kagan, sickening.   He needs to go just like the rest of 'em.
Thanks Jarasan! Would you please post them?

Conservatives have been scoffed for years causing them to retreat making room for the doofuses who have us where we are today. I hope we rediscover conservatism and realize it means limited government, fiscal restraint, ethical behavior ... rather than derogatory labels slapped on conservatism as a means to ending our very sovereignty.
Healthcare :
Democratic 219 for 39 against   
Republican 1     for 176   against   
TOTALS 220 215   

here is the Kagan link so far:
Jarasan, thank you VERY much!
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