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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


"Shocker: Obamacare To Cost More Than $1 Trillion

Some really good questions to ponder.  Love or hate him, Boortz makes you think.




By Neal Boortz @ May 12, 2010 8:51 AM


"If you've been paying attention you will know that the cost estimates for ObamaCare were far too low in the first place, just as they usually are for government spending and entitlement programs. The key phrase here is "if you've been paying attention." Sadly, far too many Americans aren't paying attention to much more than their Hollywood celebrity news and favorite sports team. Bread and circuses .. and the politicians love it. Spending figures and debt to GDP ratios mean little to most Americans. Slogans and impossible promises drive far too many elections.

Now let's say, just for the sake of argument, that you do run into someone today who has decided that it's time to put down the US Weekly magazine and pick up some serious reading. They ask you for some suggestions on what areas they might research for more information. I'm running out of time before the show ... but here are just a few ideas.

OK ... enough. Maybe .. just maybe those questions aimed at the right people might get someone actually interested in what the hell is going on outside of Hollywood or their local sports stadium."

Thanks Konane, this is a lot to digest, the future is not set in stone and we must truly band together to stop this ....I'm am scared for the future of my kid, we will be overwrought with sickness, starvation,and crime in unprecedented proportions .
Thanks Sully! What's happening now is what Boortz has been railing about for years so his stuff is very on point. This is the station where Neal broadcasts from and they do have a 'Listen Live' button if you care to tune in to his broadcast. They used to have a computer plugin but this is what I found on a quick search. Believe Neal's show is 9AM to 1PM EDT.

News/Talk 750 WSB on
Thanks Konane! All salient points. Neil smacks it on every one.
Thanks Jarasan! Yes indeed he does. He's by far my favorite talk show host.
Regarding Obama Care, someone said "it's not about health and it's not about care".
Thanks konane.
Haven't heard much cheering by the supporters of the bill since its passage. Why is that?
Thanks TigerAngel! Read the same thing and concur.
Thanks Em! You're more than welcome.
Thanks Time*treat! They'll be celebrating when we collapse economically which is what's happening.
If ya think illegal immigration is bad now wait till all the Mexicans start flockin into the country to get that FREE HEALTHCARE that uncle Sam will have to provide or else look un-politically correct...

Washington is just WAAAAAAAAY TOOOOO STUPID to see the reality regarding this issue but hey they can finance the free health care handouts by slapping a fine on the American Citizens that dont have it...
Thanks Crow! Think you called it correctly. Stupids need to be voted out ... period.
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