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Saturday, March 20, 2010


"Kill the Bill Rally In Progress

Can you hear us now??????????????????


"Kill the Bill Rally In Progress

March 20, 2010 Posted by John at 2:30 PM


Thousands of Americans are rallying at the Capitol to urge Congress to defeat the Democrats' health care takeover bill. You can follow events on Twitter at #killthebill. This photo was taken at noon from the Speaker's Lobby and posted via Twitter. Click to enlarge

Which one are they killing? I was looking at one the other day and found there are a few "health care reform" bills. I've seen this in other types of bills, too. That makes it hard to discuss it (or oppose it) because you're looking at something the other person really can't see (since it may not be in the bill they're following). I've also noticed pundits rarely give a bill's number, so you can look it up for yourself. I don't consider this an accident.
Thanks Time*treat! Sounds like overwhelm, confuse, baffle with BS. Look at the far leftists in charge and wonder why.
Watched some of the rally today on Fox news. Yesterday I heard on CNN "two dozen states have bills in the works to opt out of this if it passes".
Thanks TigerAngel! I hope those opt-outs send a message to Washington, but but don't believe anything will have any impact until after November elections.
I see a lot of misinformed squeaky wheels. Misinformed by a party that is strategising and battling to keep their jobs. I was just listening to Sen. Mitch McConnell on Face The Nation. I almost fell out of my seat when he started talking about how this bill, if pass, will certainly give his party back, the majority in both houses. These ploys and strategies make me sick, because they tell me that people who are easy to accept misinformation are easily being guided by people who simply want to gain seats and keep their jobs. Not looking after the good of the people as a whole.
Mind you, there have been bills that were introduced that were special interest groups trying to past the bills through under the radar. These need to come out. But God..we need healthcare reform. I believe, when you have experienced the need on either side of the table, as a healthcare worker or patient, then you won't understand.
I have, so called, excellent insurance, which I pay out of my a.. to maintain, and every year the premiums go up. I know the limitations that my insurance benefits have and pray that my husband or myself will not have to use some of them because of the poor chooses that are given.
My husband has developed a heart problem and I was hospitalized one day last week with chest pains to find out I have a small health issue. The bills have already started to pour in. It pains me that I pour out hard earned dollars, more and more each year, and still get billed. It just doesn't add up. I know hospital cost need to be controlled, and I'm hoping there will be an amendment that will address this.
Thanks Litebets! The abyss of healthcare is very deep and dark and under the current proposal will create a slush fund to be misused in every way imaginable. Think TARP and all the bank bailouts as to where proper accounting was ever used. We still don't know where all the money went.

I implore you to read where he says the slush fund which will be created will be used/stolen from the Treasury for off balance sheet worthless derivatives trading headed up by Bush 42, along with BOTH Clintons, Bush 44 and Obama. Summation of his allegations to my best understanding. Many more events are discussed with many things being repeated with legal statutes cited which can be used to prosecute or sue him for defamation if he willfully misstates facts.

Much of what he's hammered home in his reports on are the reasons I vehemently oppose the current slush fund creation which benefit anyone other than the people who will be forced to support it.
Oops correction on pres numbers think Bush 41 and Bush 43 with Obama being 44 is correct.
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