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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Hypocrites and Traffic.

What happened?  The Dems. on parade, how things change for political expediency.  They have no idea how important it is to follow thru and support the troops and have a unified country.  The enemy would never mess with us again if this were the case.



Wasn't politically convenient for them to stand behind what they said on record because the feeding frenzy on GW had to be continually whipped to a fine froth.

However this article certainly proves why Sadam had to be removed for the sake of humanity ... will turn one's stomach reading it.

"Saddam-era torture tools in mobile museum of horror

It's not just the "Dems" jarasan. A huge percentage of America disagree with this war and they ain't all "Dems" and many are convinced that fighting the "enemy" has other agenda and whether we should be fighting this war in the first place is questioned by Dems and Pubs alike.

Why don't you tell us WHY it is important to follow thru and support the troops and how it will unify the country and why the enemy will never mess with us again. Tell us why it will benefit all of us. Tell us how it is benefiting us now.
Living in the "NOW" is the reason many people don't understand why finishing what you start is important.   Time consists of the past (history), present (now), and future (tommorrow), one needs to understand these concepts in order to know why they are sitting on their computer "NOW" asking self evident questions. History is a great teacher and repeats itself, the present is a result of history, and the future will be a result of what we do in the present. Once one studies history and understands that the present is a result of what came before, then one will understand why, when someone starts a war you must finish it. Normally at the end of a war there is the victor and the defeated, this is what we call peace. Peace comes when the enemy is defeated and surrenders, history has shown that clearly. Over and over the current enemy has come back, over and over, and killed innocent people in the name of some twisted form of Islam, history has taught us that. Doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same result is a waste of time. This time around "we ain't playing no more".

The Dems on that video are hypocrites and opportunists.

Saddam killed hundreds of thousands started several wars and was threatening again, history showed that saddamned gambled, defied, and chose poorly. EVERYBODY agreed to the threat as the historically accurate video clearly shows. We were in it together at the beginning and should be in it together until the end, that is how the enemy will be defeated and peace will prevail.
"Republican support for the president is draining rapidly," said a Republican strategist. "It is almost unheard of for Republicans to criticize a Republican president at war so soon after he has made an appeal for support." —Financial Times

Here's a few more "unpatriotic" groups who are speaking out against the war.

Iraq Veterans Against the War
West Point Graduates Against the War
Gold Star Families for Peace
Military Families Speak Out
Service Academy Graduates Against The War
Veterans For Peace
Operation Homefront
Veterans For America
Peace Out
GI Hotline
Bring Them Home Now
Center On Conscience And War

JX: Please show me anywhere where I said being against the war is unpatriotic or vice-versa. This ain't about patriotism, your myopia shines brightly again. It just happens that, for politcal points the Dems in that video are hypocrites and flip flopped to bash GW for their own politico ambitions sake, just like you do everytime when you approach this subject, it isn't about patriotism, it is about ending this once and for all.

War is hell and we are in this together from beginning to end, they don't care if you die or I die as long as we are dead they are happy. Death to all! They love killing anybody to make their world more perfect, even killing themselves. Except for Moqui Al Sadr he prefers retarded people go out and kill themselves, not him though, now he wants to talk, now he wants a cease fire, I hope they come for that moron.

In addition there are millions of peace loving people all over the world that want this finished once and for all, just like before in history. The weak ones won't come out and say it, but trust me they want it.

Think of it as a bunch of serial killers loose in your neighborhood, do you want the neighborhood to get together and eliminate the serial killers or do want to forget about them until they come thru your window again? Or do you want to kiss and make up with the serial killers? Give me a break. I don't give a *^% about whether or not it is a Repub or Democrat, it just so happens the Dems are hypocrites and opportunists.

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