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Monday, March 31, 2008


Cell Phone Danger Warning.

I have been listening to the talking heads for the past couple of days about the danger of cell phones, possibly worse than smoking .  Since it is an important issue of today I would like to pass on the critical thing to take away from these warnings.  I have always said, about cell phone usage, that is, if one is holding the phone closely against your head, don't.  Get an earpiece not a Blue tooth! or use the speaker.   The reason is simple, the near EMF (Electro Magnetic Force) of antennae according to Maxwell's laws is strong, and can be explained  in laymans terms:  The strength of an EMF  flux field (the field generated by the emitter (antenna) is inversely proportional to the distance from the source). In other words a changing electrical field creates a changing magenetic field and vice-versa this is how antennas and all over air communications are possible (of course at the speed of light).

When you are very close physically to a cell phone or any transmitter/transciever during conversation the flux (EMF field is very strong) the electro and magneto components of the "signal" are very tight (that is; they effect whatever the medium they are in almost in unison) this is bad for biological cells (us).  As you move "away" the electro and magneto components flux decrease by an proportional inverse factor of distance from the source.  For eg. the difference between being 1 inch and 1 foot is a factor of 1/12 field strength relative to being 1 inch away, if you are two feet away the field strength 1/12 X 1/12 or 1/144 field strength essentially.

This is why I didn't go into high energy communications, you essentially get slow cooked over the years, you don't do the job very long.

Home cordless sets work on lower energy levels and frequencies, not nearly as strong as necessary to reach a cell tower.

Thank you jarasan. good blog. It's interesting that this comes up over and over and over and the cell phone industry is always convincing that cell phones are safe like microwaves.
Yes, thank you from me too. I should use the speaker more often. I think it's like Teflon. It's been scientifically proven that it is carcinogenic, but we continue to use it because the government denies that it's harmful. Yesterday I read an article about heart medication that has made one drug company over $5 billion and is ineffective.
The Gov,t needs to tax the cell phones like they do cigarette smokers.
This health hazard of cell phones is going to cost taxpayers money in the end.
a $40.00 per month tax should cover it.
Thanks Jarasan. Because I suffered a shoulder injury in my wilder days coupled with a profession which requires virtually wearing a headset 24/7, I decided early on to utilize an earpiece or headset with the cell just as I do with my landline. I obviously didn't know all this information about potential impact and since I suffer from intense headaches, it may just be that I unwittingly did myself a huge bit of good.   I do sometimes wonder when I'm standing in line or in a crowded place and am surrounded by people talking on cells if it might be a bad thing.
Thanx, now I know how to reheat my coffee when I'm on the road.
@T and JX You're welcome! We may disagree on politics but I care about you and everybody here.

@JAP They are already taxed. No mas Taxes!

@Jake, distance is key, we are totally immersed in RF/EMF, it is everywhere, etc. 24/7, it is when you are very near "higher energy emitters" is when it can effect; OTOH, headsets, "listening devices" things that contain only speakers are not "transmitting" EMF, speakers are taking the audio signal and dissipating the energy into a mag. coil at low frequencies and can only damage ear drums physically if too loud, of course. Lights and power-lines also are low frequency and are essentially not a concern. Standing in line with people using their cell phones is a Miss Manners issue.

@Pac: A cell phone is not a doughnut, dipping will short the battery, and all bets are off. And always remember to keep your eyes on the road, here in nearby D.C.they can fine you $100.00 for using the cell in the car while not hands free.
Jarasan, I've dipped my cell phone many a times in my coffee. Even left the whole thing in there for an hour and it still worked. It smelled like coffee, but it still worked.
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